The Flexbone Pistol Offense: Passing Game

The Flexbone Pistol Offense: Passing Game
The Flexbone Pistol Offense: Passing Game
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Product Description

  • Combine an effective Play-Action Passing game with a perimeter run game
  • Implement a quick passing game with a 1- and 3-step drops
  • Develop a complex passing system using wrist bands that makes it easy for the players to execute
  • Install the complementary pass routes for the Sprint Out passing game
with Art Craig, Timberland (SC) High School Head Coach;
2011 2A State Champs; over a 4-year span (2008-11), Craig's teams have averaged 40 points a game running the Pistol Flexbone

Imagine defending the Flexbone from the shotgun, add to that a quick passing game, a sprint out package and a rock solid play action passing game. That would be a nightmare for any defensive coordinator, but a high scoring dream for you. Art Craig discusses his passing game and the use of multiple formations to create his unique combination offense.

Using arm bands to simplify the learning process for his players, Coach Craig shows you how he puts the package together using word association. He uses names instead of numbers for the plays, formations and pass protections. You'll get a detailed look at Craig's Wolf-Gun Flexbone quick game, play action, and sprint game, which allows you to:

  • Teach a simple yet effective passing game
  • Stress the defense to defend a strong passing game to go with the veer option
  • Create a unique offensive scheme that is fun to coach and fun for your players
The quick passing game is a polished and calibrated offensive force that will stun the defense with laser-like accuracy. You will learn to install a quarterback drop called the Turn 2 approach for the Quick Game. This technique will greatly reduce the possibility of a bad throw from your quarterback. Such calls as Falcon for the fade route, Reno for the read route, Ohio for the out & seam combination as well as six others make up the quick game. Each route is designed to be perfectly calibrated with the quarterback's drop. The quick game is shown using game footage as Craig discusses each play as well as the blocking calls and rules.

The Play Action Passing Game provides extra time for your quarterback because the defensive line must respect the possibility of the run. This will allow your wide receivers to move in space as aggressive, defensive play-makers' freeze to respect the play action. Using practice film, Craig coaches you through the quarterback steps on the jet sweep play action before showing you game film with Y-Seam, Switch, Radar, Wisconsin, Oscar, Lava and Plato Sideline routes. You will also learn which running plays compliment the Play Action Passing Game.

The Sprint Game adds yet another dimension to the explosive Flexbone Pistol Offense. An athletic quarterback can attack the perimeter of the defense by using his feet as a weapon. After showing you the correct footwork for the quarterback, Craig shows game footage to coach you through the Florida, Hammer, Flame, Trail and Read sprint out passing game.

This DVD would help any coach looking to add to his passing attack and makes the Flexbone Pistol Offense package an extremely effective, dangerous offense.

72 minutes. 2012.

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