The Flexbone Pistol Offense: Complementary Plays

The Flexbone Pistol Offense: Complementary Plays
The Flexbone Pistol Offense: Complementary Plays
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Product Description

  • Make your offense multi-dimensional and increasingly difficult to defend
  • Learn to run the Wofford toss, counter trey and the jet sweep versus different defensive looks
  • Learn "Grab Bag" plays featuring non-traditional formations and plays like Super Power
with Art Craig, Timberland (SC) High School Head Coach;
2011 2A State Champs; over a 4-year span (2008-11), Craig's teams have averaged 40 points a game running the Pistol Flexbone

It's time to make the defense pay! If the defense is so concerned about stopping your option game, this is your chance to hit them for big gains and big plays.

Art Craig explains how to confuse defenses by adding complementary plays and multiple formations to the Flexbone Pistol Offense. He delivers six dynamic plays that complement the veer as well as formations and motions designed to outnumber your opponent at the point of attack. Coach Craig shares game video of the complementary plays as he coaches you through each play:

  • The Wolford Toss - Used to get the ball outside when the tackle box is loaded up to stop the veer package.
  • Counter Trey - Gives the offense a counter play that wreaks havoc on defenses that flow hard to the ball.
  • The Sweep Series - Another way to attack the perimeter of the defense for a team that does not have a great offensive line.
The offensive package would not be complete without an old school power play. The Super Power puts more bodies at the point of attack than is legal!

Coach Craig's mix of "chalk talk" and game footage demonstrates how to incorporate motion and thoroughly details the nuances of executing these plays versus all defensive fronts and adjustments to give the offense the advantage.

Regardless of your offensive scheme, the complementary plays and formations used in the Flexbone Pistol can be adapted to any offensive scheme and are sure to create a headache for the teams on your schedule.

64 minutes. 2012.

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