The Flexbone Option Offense 2-Pack

The Flexbone Option Offense 2-Pack
The Flexbone Option Offense 2-Pack
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Product Description

  • Learn five key run plays to attack every gap in the defense
  • Learn how to take advantage of an aggressive defense that is focused on stopping the run
with Aaron Hafner,
William Penn University Co-Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach;
2010 Midwest League Champions;
2008 Midwest League Assistant Coach of the Year

William Penn has excelled in running the football by using the flexbone option offense. In 2010, the Statemen set the NAIA single season record for rushing yards (4,476) and yards per rush (6.9).

In this DVD, Aaron Hafner shows you don't have to have the biggest offensive lineman or an electric wide receiver to rack up yards when running this spread option offense. Coach Hafner teaches you how to attack any defense using the flexbone option. With this Georgia Tech-style offense, you can use multiple personnel, motions and formations to stress the defense.

Hafner provides a detailed, position-by-position breakdown of the footwork, reads and blocking assignments for the five key plays in this spread option offense: Midline Option, the A gap play; the Inside Veer, the B gap play; the Outside Veer, the C gap play; the Counter Option, the D gap with the counter option; and the edge with the rocket sweep.

Hafner talks through wide and end zone game clips of the spread option run game pointing out key coaching points and techniques to make this offense successful.

Learn how to block these plays versus 50 fronts, 3-3 fronts and any other looks the defense may give you.

This offense gives you the ability to make your best athletes a threat on every play and gives you a "small playbook" with many options off of each play!

147 minutes. 2011.

with Todd Hafner,
William Penn University Head Coach;
2010 Midwest League Champions;
2x Midwest League Coach of the Year (2010, '08)

Every good option game needs a passing scheme to compliment it . Todd Hafner coaches you through video cut ups on how to best attack the defense with the spread option passing attack.

This passing system is simple to allow you more time to develop your run game. The reads for the quarterback and blocking assignments for the line are made easy. Coach Hafner details the philosophy behind each play, as well as a position-by-position break down on footwork, reads, assignments and protections for each concept.

You will see three main concepts in the William Penn passing game:

  • Quick Game - A great way to beat the blitz with the passing game using a 3-step drop with quick breaking routes. The quick read allows the QB to make a throw before the defender can read the pass. Works anywhere on the field - even the red zone.
  • Play Action Pass - See two options based on the Inside veer action: inside veer drop back and inside veer sprint out. This action opens the entire field open for the receivers to stretch the field. The sprint out option gives you a quick option to pick on bailing corners or a deep attack for aggressive corners.
  • Sprint Out - A true sprint out from the center gets the QB to the edge two receiver route. This scheme gives you an option if you are down late in a game or in 2-minute situations. Provides easy reads for your QB because the key reads are all on one half of the field.
If you run the flexbone option this passing game is a must to complement the five run plays that you utilize. Coach Hafner does a wonderful job presenting this information in a manner that is easy to understand and could be installed in your offense immediately at any level.

131 minutes. 2011.

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