The FAT Formation: The Passing Game Attack

The FAT Formation: The Passing Game Attack
The FAT Formation: The Passing Game Attack
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Give defenses fits by allowing three different backs to throw the ball!

  • Learn a movement passing game system to give your quarterback various launch points to throw from
  • Discover how to manipulate the Fat Formation to have success with protection and different routes
  • Learn how to factor each receiver's ability to maneuver in support of multiple formations within the Fat base system

with Bruce Eien,
veteran coach with over 30 years of coaching in California and Oregon;
founder of the West Coast Single Wing Conclave;
Harrisburg (OR) High School Assistant Coach/Quarterbacks;
former Brethren Christian (CA) High School Head Coach

One of the major knocks on the single wing is the lack of passing game, but thanks to Bruce Eien, this is a thought of the past. Coach Eien has taken spread offensive passing concepts, combined them with multiple single wing and air raid concepts to build one of the best single wing passing systems to date. You'll learn it all through this exclusive PowerPoint presentation narrated by Coach Eien.

See how to get maximum mileage out of a pass concept by utilizing different routes and formations to present the defense with new looks. Eien explains 10 different pass concepts and how to use them effectively. Each concept contains several patterns, but the QB reads don't change within the concept. He diagrams each play and demonstrates the routes, where each route breaks, and the quarterback reads for each concept.

Many of these concepts are related in terms of how they are designed to attack defenses, which allows for greater carryover in teaching your players.

Quarterback Movement Keys and Reads

Coach Eien explains his philosophy of reading movement keys and the two basic reads the quarterback must make: a horizontal stretch or a vertical stretch. Within each concept, Eien demonstrates the specific defender QBs are attacking and the quarterback's reactions to their movements. With a movement key philosophy, the quarterback can execute the offense with less preparation time because of the carryover from each concept.

Eien also explains various complementary play packages such as movement passes, screens, picks and rubs, and one-on-one beaters when you are presented with a favorable match-up.

Pass Protection Schemes

Keep it simple for your offensive line with two pass pro schemes, then add backs to get maximum protection for your quarterback. Everything is explained and diagrammed to get your team up and protecting quickly.

The Fat Formation is unique in football because it combines the uniqueness of single wing football with modern passing game concepts. Coach Eien's use of compressed formations can give the offense an advantage because many defenses don't defend compressed formations very often. The passing game concepts presented can be easily adapted to virtually any formation.

From verticals to the screen game, it is all covered in this extensive passing manual for the Fat Formation single wing, and backed up with video support from Coach Eien.

79 minutes. 2017.

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