The FAT Formation: Creating Misdirection with the Running Game

The FAT Formation: Creating Misdirection with the Running Game
The FAT Formation: Creating Misdirection with the Running Game
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Learn over 10 different series to complement the base Fat Formation plays!

  • Create misdirection by tagging various motions onto his base play calls
  • Call plays that have four potential ball carriers that the defense must account for
  • Learn a unique formation that will catch defenses off guard that can be used as a "change up"

with Bruce Eien,
veteran coach with over 30 years of coaching in California and Oregon;
founder of the West Coast Single Wing Conclave;
Harrisburg (OR) High School Assistant Coach/Quarterbacks;
former Brethren Christian (CA) High School Head Coach

Every offense looks to create deception and misdirection. The Fat Formation provides a slew of opportunities for your team to get the defense moving to the area where the ball should go, as your players quickly move the ball in the opposite direction.

If you need to infuse new life into your offense, this video gives you everything you need to further confuse opposing defenses and get the ball to any back in your offense. In this presentation, Bruce Eien gives you details on over 50 running plays to complement the Fat Formation base package, and over 15 pass concepts to handle any situation and make sure your team is never predictable.

The Fat Formation is unique in football because it combines the uniqueness of single wing football with modern passing game concepts. Eien's use of compressed formations can give your offense an advantage because many defenses don't defend compressed formations very often. Coach Eien explains how he creates misdirection by tagging various motions and fakes onto his base run plays.

Attack Using Multiple Backs

Eien takes you through the man running game series and the counters and misdirections that accompany them in order to create greater opportunities against your opponents. The various series presented are: power (which is the base series), buck, jet, fly, twist, rock, roller, bam, spin, triple, and pitch. Just wait until you get to the stupid series - if you really love to mess with the defense, then this is the series for you!

Coach Eien diagrams how each series can be tagged, along with base play calls, to add the illusion of a different play for the defense. He demonstrates which tags can be called with each series based on who the ball carrier is, and various formations to use to further gain an advantage.

Passing Game Misdirection

Eien explains how each series can be utilized with the passing game as well. The passing game features multiple launch points, as well as multiple players that can be the passer, rather than just the traditional quarterback that is behind the center. Eien diagrams the blocks and rules for lineman and backs. He includes several adjustments to the blocking scheme that can be called as a tag along with each play call. Each of these tags give the defense the illusion of a different play while not requiring any new learning for the offense.

Coach Eien pulls out all the stops and gives you many play options, all diagrammed in detail. Never be under-prepared to attack any defense with this amazing collection of plays for the Fat Formation!

109 minutes. 2017.

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