The FAT Formation: Attacking Defensive Fronts

The FAT Formation: Attacking Defensive Fronts
The FAT Formation: Attacking Defensive Fronts
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Learn how to set up your offensive play calling and use the defense against themselves!

  • Learn how Bruce Eien game plans to attack various defensive fronts based on what they're trying to defend
  • Learn how to use motion and unbalanced formations to gain a numbers advantage in the run game
  • Discover two systems that allow the quarterback to determine the run play that is set up to have the most success

with Bruce Eien,
veteran coach with over 30 years of coaching in California and Oregon;
founder of the West Coast Single Wing Conclave;
Harrisburg (OR) High School Assistant Coach/Quarterbacks;
former Brethren Christian (CA) High School Head Coach

All defenses have strengths and weaknesses, and it's important to determine where each defense is strong to be able to attack its weaknesses.

Coach Bruce Eien takes you through defensive fronts and the adjustments opposing coaches make in order to take away the strengths of the Fat Formation. He makes it easy to identify several fronts and thoroughly explains each defense and how you can exploit those defenses to generate more success against each front you see.

Eien begins by explaining his play calling philosophy of attacking the defense where it is weak. You'll see how he classifies defenses first by coverage, because the coverage a defense runs will dictate how many defenders they can have in the front.

Using Eien's philosophy, you will easily be able to determine the type of defense that each team you play is running and how to attack each of them. He covers:

  • Forming an identity and mindset
  • Using tendencies in your favor
  • Dealing with blitzes
  • What to do when the defense keys on certain players

Coach Eien diagrams several defenses commonly seen, such as the 4-3, 4-4, 5-3, 5-2 Okie, 46 Bear, and 3-3 stack along with various other short yardage and goal-line fronts. Learn how he attacks each defense - either up the middle, off tackle, or on the perimeter - based on what each defense takes away.

Going one step further, Coach Eien explains how defenses may try to overload the strong or weak side, or to the field or away from it. He describes his philosophy of attacking overloaded defenses, as well as defenses that will try to stay balanced against all formations. You'll also see some "change-ups," such as false motion and unbalanced formations to further gain an advantage on the defense.

Coach Eien gives you everything you need to hone your play calling skills in the Fat Formation in this exclusive presentation. Even if you run another offensive scheme, the information in this video is certain to make you a better play caller!

50 minutes. 2017.

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