The Encyclopedia of Goalkeeping

The Encyclopedia of Goalkeeping
The Encyclopedia of Goalkeeping
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Over 30 drills to improve reaction time and create a more efficient and successful goalie.
  • Maximize the amount of time your goalie sees the ball in the air to give them the best chance of making the save
  • Improve goalie speed with drills to develop reflexes and reaction
  • Teach your goalie how to develop his/her individual skill set through their own initiative and discipline
Featuring the G3 Lacrosse staff:

Adam Ghitelman,
University of Utah Assistant Coach;
Archers Lacrosse Club goalie (PLL);
former USC Head Coach; former Harvard Assistant Coach; All-American Goalie at the University of Virginia, second in Virginia history in career saves; recorded most wins for a goalie in ACC history and second most in NCAA history; 2012 MLL All-Star

John Galloway,
University of Jacksonville Head Coach;
Team USA Co-Captain; Goalie - 2018 Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) Men's World Championship (Gold medal);
Chrome Lacrosse Club goalie (PLL);
Dallas Rattlers (formerly Rochester) Goalie (2011 - present);
3x Goaltender of the Year Award (2014, 2016 & in 2018 shared the award with Niko Amato):
former Providence College Assistant Coach; 2x First Team All-American Goalie at Syracuse University, 2x Ensign C. Markland Kelly Jr. Award winner (nation's best goalkeeper), Galloway is the second goalkeeper in history to be named a finalist for the Tewaaraton Trophy; recorded most wins for a goalie in NCAA history (59), ranks seventh in the NCAA history in goals against average (7.33);
Goalie on 2008 & 2009 NCAA Championship teams (Syracuse)

Kip Turner,
University of Virginia Assistant Coach;
former Brown University Assistant Coach, All-American Goalie at the University of Virginia; starting goalie in the 2013 MLL All-Star Game; second overall pick in the MLL draft (Boston Cannons), the highest goalie ever picked in a draft;
2010 MLL Goaltender of the Year

"I think that this is one of the best videos I've ever seen from Championship. The depth and breadth of the content, along with the innovative approach of the coaches, is excellent. I really enjoyed it and found it incredibly useful!"
Tom Wenham, Head Coach - England Senior Men (Manchester England)

A common problem that coaches and goaltenders face today is having a limited number of drills to cycle through, which causes practices to get stale quickly and limits the goaltenders' growth. In this video, the staff at G3 Lacrosse deliver a virtual encyclopedia of drills, utilizing many different strategies and tools that will teach your goalies how to focus and improve their skills.

Basic goalie stance and body mechanics are defined and continuously reinforced through the application of multiple drills. This process is intended to make goalies self sufficient in their training so they can identify and correct their own technique. The variety of drills shown, coupled with attention to detail, makes it possible for the disciplined goalie to improve their reaction time and automatic response to the ball.

Finding the Release Point

By concentrating on the release point, your goalie will effectively slow the pace of the game, making it easier to react to and track the ball. You'll review how to find the shooter's overhand, sidearm or underhand release point and learn how to react to the ball through a series of 13 drills designed to build confidence, technique and speed. The drills directly replicate the shots most likely to be seen in games, including shots after a feed, after a drive from below, inside shots and those from above GLE.


Coaches Ghitleman, Calloway and Turner use 14 warm-up drills and work on everything from foot work to a series of side to side, high to low drills. Next, they move to stick side and off stick movements, adding in heavy shaft and small lacrosse head techniques with hand-eye coordination drills to build faster reaction times. The coaches finish with drills for working clears and incorporating multiple goaltenders into drills to develop a quick pace while reinforcing technique.

Pro Agility

Coach Ghitleman reviews 11 ladder drills to build speed, footwork and concentration. He adds in drills to create balance react

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