The Difference in Attack Mechanics from Court to Sand

The Difference in Attack Mechanics from Court to Sand
The Difference in Attack Mechanics from Court to Sand
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  • Teach indoor players how to attack in the sand
  • Learn how to adjust your approach according to the serve
  • Implement drills to help correct footwork problems
  • Teach the setter to adjust to the serve reception
  • Ensure your team works together
with Nina Matthies, Pepperdine University Sand Volleyball Head Coach;
former Pepperdine University Head Coach; over 580 career wins; 11 West Coast Conference championships; 2012 AVCA Collegiate Sand Volleyball National Champions and 2013 runners-up; one of the winningest female beach players of all time, distinguished member of the Beach Volleyball Hall of Fame

Attacking on the court and on the sand are two very different techniques. In this session, Pepperdine Head Coach Nina Matthies uses her decades of experiences in both indoor and sand volleyball to present training ideas to help your players develop their attack mechanics for sand volleyball. With the use of experienced indoor players, she introduces drills and strategies that are very useful in transforming an indoor player to a sand player.

Her drills begin with the basic step close jump in all directions. Coach Matthies does a great job explaining the differences in strategies of sand volleyball and what types of skill sets are necessary to excel. She points out how each skill is different from the indoor skill and why it is necessary to perform the skill differently. This can be very useful for both indoor and sand coaches as the skills for both venues can be very useful for all players. The second half of the video uses drills that stress ball control while still emphasizing the different types of approaches. The focus of the drills will trains players to be patient, find the ball, and use a quick step to get close to the ball.

A valuable part of the video comes at the end when Coach Matthies takes questions from the audience. Here she does a great job of reiterating the differences in strategies and skill sets between the two types of volleyball and gives some detailed explanations of why skills should be done a certain way.

This video would be great for any indoor or sand coach who would like to know some in's and out's of approaches and different paths to the ball.

Produced at the 2013 AVCA Annual Convention in Seattle, WA.

36 minutes. 2014.

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