The Delaware Wing-T: Running Game

The Delaware Wing-T: Running Game
The Delaware Wing-T: Running Game
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Product Description

  • Successfully run the ball versus odd and even man fronts
  • Create a broad base of attack to stretch the defense horizontally
  • Create easy blocking angles for your offensive line
  • Get a man advantage at the line by adding a wing-back to your flank attack
with Lew Johnston,
former Western Branch HS (VA) Head Coach,
5x District Champions, 4x District "Coach of the Year"

Successfully run the ball, even with a small offensive line!

The Delaware Wing-T is primarily a running attack. This broad front attack allows you to take advantage of numbers mismatches, misdirection, defensive reaction and your oppenent's weaknesses.

This DVD discusses the philosophy of the Delaware Wing-T rushing attack. Learn how to read and exploit your opponent's defensive alignment, how to get numbers advantages along the line of scrimmage and how to create easy blocking angles for your offensive line.

Using game film and extensive play diagramming discussions, this disc highlights plays from the 20 series, 30 series, and 80 series. Included are blocking assignments and reads versus both even and odd fronts.To simplify his offense, all of the plays utilize a consistent blocking scheme. Throughout the DVD, Coach Johnston emphasizes essential coaching points and shares some of his personal observations and suggestions to further your understanding of and success with this rushing attack.

As a bonus, you will receive a copy of the Power Point presentation used in all of Johnston's Wing-T videos. Add these excellent plays to your playbook this season!

114 minutes. 2010.

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