The Dash: 2 Plays in 1

The Dash: 2 Plays in 1
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Gain the ability to attack any defense quickly in a variety of ways!

  • See how to run the Dash in many different ways without confusing your players
  • Learn how to incorporate multiple formations and motion to confuse the defense
  • Discover drills that perfect the Dash running game

with Matt Nally,
Melissa (TX) High School, Assistant Head Coach / Offensive Coordinator

Melissa High School is a 4A school in the football-rich state of Texas. In 2017, the Cardinals enjoyed a 12 win season and scored over 600 points.

Playing fast is the goal many high school football coaches. Tempo on offense can reduce the defensive game plan and force the opposition to a limited scheme, allowing for more effective offensive production.

The Dash is a downhill run concept that has two runs built into one play, which allows multiple playmakers to touch the football. The Dash puts a well-coached defense in conflict with the ability of the play to attack downhill or outside as the quarterback reads his defensive key.

In this video, Matt Nally shows you his version of the Dash. He illustrates the simple blocking scheme for the Dash before showing game video illustrating the execution of the play.

Coach Nally begins with the basics of the Dash concept and the approach you need to take while installing this hard-to-defend concept. In the Dash, the quarterback is coached to "run to the read" and create conflict for the defensive end, forcing them to play the running back or the quarterback. If the defensive end is well coached, his initial key and read will tell him to collapse inside, allowing the running back to get out on the edge of the defense. If the defensive end works up the field to contain the back, the quarterback can becomes the ball carrier and will attack the defense.

You will see multiple variations to the Dash that include:

  • Counter Dash & (Spiller or Switch)
  • Power Dash & (Toe)
  • How the Tight Zone is tied with the Dash
  • Two Back Dash

The installation portion of this video is broken down position-by-position, making it easy for you to follow in order for a successful transition. Each play is demonstrated on the board and through game film. Additionally, drills are given to help break down each spot and fine tune the technique of your players. This is piggybacked with practice footage.

Learn the Dash from Coach Nally and force defenses to stop two plays in one!

59 minutes. 2018.

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