The D1 Tennis Player Workout: Individual Workouts for Player Success

The D1 Tennis Player Workout: Individual Workouts for Player Success
The D1 Tennis Player Workout: Individual Workouts for Player Success
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Learn individual workouts that create more powerful and consistent players!

  • Train players to create the space and timing for them to be able to step into every shot
  • Learn how to improve the two most important shots - the serve and return - by using a repetitive two ball drill during warm-up
  • Train athletes to use a small space while disrupting the small space of their opponent through cross-court exchanges
featuring Brian Boland,
Head of Men's Tennis for USTA Player Development;
former University of Virginia Head Coach;
Back-to-Back-Back NCAA Champions (2015-17) - four championships in five seasons (2013 National Champions);
Back-to-back (2011-12) NCAA Team Championship Runner-up;
2016 Wilson/ITA National Coach of the Year - also named 2008 ITA National Coach of the Year';
10x ACC Coach of the Year; 9 straight ACC Conference Championships (2007-15)

Team practices often don't provide the individual attention a player needs to supply the inner confidence that breeds success.

In a live practice setting, Brian Boland demonstrates how to focus on the individual player while managing an entire team at the same time. Coach Boland does this through high-quality live ball drills that maintain the focus of his players through the entire practice. His progression of drills will provide your players with the ability to own every shot and hit with a purpose.

Coach Boland uses two players to show how his style of positive coaching gets the most out of each of their individual talents on the court. The first workout consists of forehand, backhand, volley, transition, and serve drills with a heavy emphasis on the ground stroke portion. The second segment takes a more hands-on approach, giving consistent feedback relating to the areas of positioning, technical proficiency, and shot selection.

Through the drills demonstrated, players will learn:

  • Core stroke drills to help make a more powerful tennis player
  • How to manipulate time and space to establish rhythm and take time away from the opponent
  • How to develop quick hands at the net
  • How to have a better weight shift into the ball, better contact point (between waist and shoulders) and better body balance
  • How to hit with a purpose within a small space and stretch the court
  • When to change direction and how to transition effectively
  • Why a player volleys better when they stand closer to the net
  • The difference between "good misses" and "bad misses"

Coach Boland infuses each of his drills with sophisticated analysis and purpose. His progressions will demonstrate many common mistakes coaches make when choosing the timing of drills during individual practice. This fresh approach from a legendary coach will be a welcome tool for players and coaches of all levels.

This is an amazing opportunity to see the amount of work and focus it takes to rise to the top of collegiate tennis. Coach Boland allows you to have an intimate view of his player development inside of a practice setting so you can learn how to get the most out of your players when you get the opportunity to work with them individually.

96 minutes. 2017.

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