The Complete Guide to the Triangle and Two Defense

The Complete Guide to the Triangle and Two Defense
The Complete Guide to the Triangle and Two Defense
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  • Shut down your opponent's top two scorers
  • Disrupt various screens, cuts and hand-offs
  • Stop dribble penetration

with Rick Majerus,
former University of St. Louis Head Coach; former University of Utah Head Basketball Coach;
1998 National Coach of the Year, '94 Olympic Assistant Coach (Gold Medal) - "Dream Team II"
Carreer winning percentage of .741% - ranks fourth among NCAA Division I coaches

  • National Coach of the Year - Basketball Times 1991; UPI 1991; Playboy 1992 & 1998; and John Wooden 1998
  • NABC District Coach of the Year - 1991, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999
  • Region Coach of the Year - Basketball Times 2003
  • Conference Championships - 11
  • National Runner-Up - 1998
  • NCAA appearances - 12
  • Sweet 16 - 1991, 1996
  • Elite 8 - 1997, 1998
  • 6 Academic All Americans
  • 44 students received honor roll

Frustrate your opponent's top two scorers! Prevent your opponent from getting into rhythm offensively!

Former National Coach of the Year Rick Majerus unveils for the first time his philosophy on the triangle and two defense. Majerus shows you how this "disruptor defense," when used on a selective basis, can immobilize your opponent.

Majerus teaches and demonstrates the critical components of aggressive close outs and how to defend various cutters, screens and hand-offs. Majerus presents an in-depth discussion on player responsibilities as they relate to the three defensive zones utilized in this baffling defense.

He shows the "fake and fade" technique to prevent shooters from being able to "rhythm up" and get open looks at the basket. By taking away their shot, players are forced to become drivers and dribble into the triangle. To counter dribble penetration and assist with box-out responsibilities, Majerus teaches the "sliding the triangle." He also provides game clips that reinforce the various concepts of this dominating defense.

Cut off your opponent's life blood and force them to prepare for one more defense; the Triangle and Two!

105 minutes. 2009.

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