The Complete Guide to the Discus Throw

The Complete Guide to the Discus Throw
The Complete Guide to the Discus Throw
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Product Description

  • Discus throw instruction from A-Z
  • Easy to follow step by step discus progressions
  • Discus throw meet footage included
with Larry Judge,
C.S.C.S., USA Track & Field National Chairman for Coaches Education (Throwing Events),
former University of Florida Women's Throws Coach

This comprehensive instructional DVD shows the coach and athlete how to get from "A to Z" in an organized, building blocks method. This easy to follow and easy to understand discus technique progression will help coaches and athletes avoid the frustrations and problems that can accompany the learning of the discus throw. Coach Larry Judge provides instruction through a sequence of discus drills that he has used and refined throughout the past 20 years. Judge's instruction breaks each segment of the throw into specific sequences beginning with simple drills and progressing to more complex skills. This comprehensive DVD is perfect for athletes and coaches of all skill levels and guides them through a "master plan" created to increase their discus knowledge base and technique. Included is competition footage of many top throwers and a fault and corrections section. This is the most comprehensive discus video available today and is perfect for any athlete desiring to move to the next level.

43 minutes. 2006.

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