The Complete Defenseman

The Complete Defenseman
The Complete Defenseman
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Product Description

  • Everything you need to train or become a great defenseman
  • Develop the skating skills that all defensemen need to excel
  • Learn to make an efficient break out pass that will help initiate your team's offensive attack
  • Learn valuable shooting tips from the point that will make your defensemen effective in the offensive zone and on the Power Play
with Rick Zombo,
Lindenwood University Head Coach; 2x ACHA Championship coach;
Former NHL Defenseman for 12 years, with the Detroit Red Wings, St. Louis Blues and Boston Bruins (652 NHL games);
Former NCAA champion defenseman and 3 time letter winner with the University of North Dakota; Member of the USA World Junior Team

Playing defense in ice hockey is a specialized position that takes years to learn and develop. Using a classroom setting with diagrams and practice footage, former NHL defenseman Rick Zombo takes you through a series of drills that will help you accelerate the process!

Coach Zombo's nuts and bolts instruction focuses on six areas:

  • Defensemen Skating Skills - See 16 drills (plus variations) that cover important skating skills such as balance and edge control, backward striding, backward crossovers, Mohawk turns, pivots and transition skating.
  • Concepts and Situations - Gain insights into topics such as on-ice awareness and how to be an aggressive defender by using your stick and your body. The concept of defensive side position is delivered with precise detail, clear diagrams and on-ice examples.
  • Breakout Passing - Includes eight drills that develop crucial skills for getting the puck out of the defensive zone efficiently and creating offense. The drills cover puck retrieval, escapes or turns, making the first pass, using your partner in an over pass or a reverse and more. Coach Zombo demonstrates how to use the net to your advantage when beating a forechecker.
  • Transition Skating and Regroups - You'll see Neutral Zone Regroups, how to use the hinge and blue line transition skating, transition drills and more.
  • Defending the 1-on-1, 2-on-1 and 3-on-2 - Five drills cover game situations on how to play the 1-on-1 (including the concept of gap control), 2-on-1 and 3-on-2. On-the-rush and low defensive zone situations are also described.
  • Point Shooting - Learn drills and get insights on how and where to take a shot from the point.

Using his college and NHL playing experience - combined with coaching at the high school, junior and college levels, Zombo's presents in-depth descriptions, tips and insights on how to play defenseman.

This defense training DVD is appropriate for athletes of all levels and will help improve their game and take them to the next level.

127 minutes. 2012.

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