The Coach's Plan for Building a Championship Team

The Coach's Plan for Building a Championship Team
The Coach's Plan for Building a Championship Team
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  • Learn Coach Boyd's essential concepts for offense and defense
  • Discover five key principles for building a championship program
  • Get inbound play ideas to surprise your opponents and create easy baskets
with David Boyd,
Milton (GA) High School;
5x state championship coach - only coach in Georgia History to win four State Titles with four different schools;
Over 500 career wins; 3x Georgia Coach of the Year, (2011, 2010, 2001)

Five-time state championship coach David Boyd reveals the little things that must be done in order to build a successful team and basketball program.

In this information-packed lecture, Coach Boyd offers "must have" advice starting with his aggressive man-to-man defensive principles and four defensive absolutes that gave up just 49 ppg in 2011. He also gives you the key to his second half success: his smothering 1-3-1 defense. Boyd describes the principles he uses to teach it: Keeping a man between all passing options, trapping options, and aggressive pursuit of the basketball.

Offensively, Coach Boyd talks about the best three ways to score on offense and how an aggressive defense needs to start all offensive set-ups. He then discusses one of his everyday drills to teach offense, defense, and transition.

If you are trying to build a championship program, then you need to look at Coach Boyd's five principles for building a championship program: Great scheduling, promoting your team through the media, AAU relationships, handling parents, and working individually with your players in the off-season.

Finally, Boyd describes and demonstrates a few of his favorite last-second inbound plays that are sure to help you surprise your opponent.

This championship builder DVD is for any coach who is just starting out or for any coach looking to rebuild a struggling program. .

69 minutes. 2012.

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