The Claw Series: Tilts & Breakdowns

The Claw Series: Tilts & Breakdowns
The Claw Series: Tilts & Breakdowns
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Apply pressure from the top and score with multiple attacks from the claw ride!

  • Maintain solid position on top to prevent giving up points to your opponent via reversal
  • Get simple-to-execute breakdowns using the claw that are effective for all weight classes
  • Stay in control throughout a match and turn opponents using the inside wrist to arm bar series

with Cody Caldwell,
South Dakota State University Assistant Coach;
former Grand View University Assistant Coach; helped Grand View win the 2016 NAIA National Championship;
four year starter at the University of Northern Iowa and 2014 NCAA qualifier

This video from South Dakota State University's Cody Caldwell contains a full look at how to dominate using the claw position. He goes in-depth to give you an effective series on top that isn't just limited to claws and bars!

Coach Caldwell's top work begins with the claw and transitions to bars and a tough side headlock. This series is particularly effective because it will help your wrestlers stop the opponent's counters and ability to get to their feet; this is must-have skill for every athlete on your team!

Getting to the Claw

The key to working the claw is to keep your opponent's weight on their hands. You'll see how Coach Caldwell pinches with his hips and stays on his toes to stay in the correct position. Additionally, you'll learn how to shift from side to side in order to stay active and continue applying pressure.

Next, Caldwell shows how he gets his claw from a variety of positions. He details how to implement the foot speed, stance and motion into foot fire drills. It's important to understand how the body changes physically, physiologically, neurologically and psychologically, and Coach Caldwell breaks down each of those categories.

Controlling the Opponent

From the claw, Caldwell teaches how to break down an opponent to where they are flat. He includes how to control the opponent's legs and hips in order to keep them in the position where you can score back points. Leg, head, and arm positioning are covered in order to ensure you can't get reversed.

Coach Caldwell also touches on how to shift from an arm chop to a deep waist if your opponent is too strong. You'll learn how to block the opponent's knee and roll them over to their back.

Running the Claw from Different Positions

Sometimes, your opponent will do a good job of avoiding getting broken down with the claw, which is why it's important to learn how to transition to an inside chop and wrist until you can get back to the claw. Caldwell covers how to handle the claw if your opponent quad pods as well as how to mat return your opponent while keeping your claw.

Arm Bar Series

Many wrestlers struggle to get an arm bar on strong opponents. Coach Caldwell teaches how to not only use your arms, but also your legs to get your opponent's arm. You'll see how to lift and turn an opponent with your arm bar as well as a slick method to get your leg turk in to open your opponent up.

Coach Caldwell keeps his technique on a level that anyone can understand and implement in their own practice. Learning a tough top system will help your wrestlers dominate and score quick points on their opponents. This video will give you not only the techniques, but also the ways to drill each of these positions in practice.

40 minutes. 2019.

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