The Building Blocks of a Fundamentally Sound Catcher

The Building Blocks of a Fundamentally Sound Catcher
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Product Description

Help your catchers build a solid base of skills as they develop!

  • Learn fundamental catching skills that will build a solid foundation for beginning catchers
  • Get catching skill progressions that help catchers get more strikes called and manage base runners
  • See drills for the vital areas of catching that can easily be incorporated into practices to ensure catchers develop properly

with Lin Casciato,
Softball Coach and Clinician (since 1989) at all levels of softball - club, high school and college;
coach for NW Fastpitch (2018 ASA Oregon State Championship);
several Casciato-coached athletes have gone on to play for college programs at all levels

Essential Skills

This video features Coach Casciato as he shows you how to break down the various components of becoming a softball catcher.

You'll get tips and drills on:

  • Receiving - How to have soft hands and catch the ball in a way to help get a strike call.
  • Blocking - How to keep more balls pitched in the dirt from getting past you to control the opponent's running game.
  • Throwing - How to throw to each base quickly enough to keep opponents from stealing.
  • You'll see what proper body position and technique can do to improve actions behind the plate and increase the confidence of other players in the field. With more than two dozen drills, this video is filled with ways to hone the skills of any beginning catcher.

    Becoming a Catcher

    It can be intimidating for young girls to put on the catcher's gear and climb behind the plate to face pitches in fast-pitch softball. Casciato does an excellent job of helping young players understand how to be safe, productive, and even thrive, in their role as a catcher.

    This video offers many drills and coaching points that can help catchers of all levels, but are offered in a way that's easily comprehended by beginning-level players. This is your chance to learn from a master instructor and help your athletes absorb the fundamentals of catching.

    60 minutes. 2018.

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