The Best of Ganon Baker: Intermediate Off-Season Workouts

The Best of Ganon Baker: Intermediate Off-Season Workouts
The Best of Ganon Baker: Intermediate Off-Season Workouts
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  • Get a week long workout session designed to challenge the beginner and intermediate player to improve their game and move to the next level
  • Discover the very best drills Ganon Baker has to offer for finishing, shooting, footwork, conditioning, and dribbling
  • Physically prepare for battle with an intense series of conditioning drills that will give you the edge over your opponents
featuring Ganon Baker,
Owner of Ganon Baker Basketball, WNBA/NBA Nike Basketball Training Specialist, Ambidextrous Shooting Coach, World Renowned Instructor and Clinician

"Players are made in empty gyms in October." To become a great player, you must begin by becoming a good player. To become a good player you need a plan.

Ganon Baker provides a plan for aspiring basketbball players in his "Best of" 10th Anniversary Intermediate Player Development Workout. Taking the very best drills from all of his Championship Productions instructional videos, the guru of player development offers a five-day workout plan that cannot be matched in terms of drills, skills and energy.

Whether its ballhandling drills from the Superman DVD, shooting drills from his Lost Art of Shooting video or drills for attacking the hoop from his Grassroots series, Baker gives you a plethora of development drills in this one DVD.

In order for off-season workouts to be effective, players must invest fully in the workout. With five days of challenging material, Baker will keep you engaged and enthused about the next day's events. As Baker preaches, "Don't allow mediocrity in your workouts." This is almost impossible if you use this series of drills.

The ballhandling drills take your basic skills to the next level through innovative and exciting challenges. Developing your ballhandling and coordination is the first step to becoming a threat on the basketball court. Making the basic layup cannot be forgotten either. With the Iverson Drill, Baker works this essential shot while putting a bit of "swag" in the drill.

Proper shooting form within challenging drills is constantly reinforced. Baker, who can shoot with either hand, puts himself through a series of challenging and fun drills that will require you to stay focused on good form as you push through the drill.

While skill development is key to building a basketball player, conditioning and strength cannot be forgotten. Through an intense series of core exercises and some quickness and agility jump rope workouts, Baker helps prepare you for more than just the technical aspect of the game. Being physically prepared for battle will give you the edge verses your opponents.

Nothing is missing. Take the best drills from one of America's most innovative skill development teachers and you will get a great workout that will propel you to the next level.

Get out of your comfort zone with this intense series of player development workouts.

98 minutes. 2013.

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