The Best of Championship Productions: Volleyball Drills Series

The Best of Championship Productions: Volleyball Drills Series
The Best of Championship Productions: Volleyball Drills Series
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Product Description

  • Discover 30 passing drills from 10 of the nation's top volleyball coaches, from footwork to game play
  • Discover 30 setting drills from seven of the nation's top collegiate volleyball coaches that teach proper mechanics and techniques
  • Discover 30 drills from seven of the nation's top collegiate volleyball coaches that teach every aspect of the offensive attack
featuring drills from Kirsten Berenthal Booth, Todd Dagenais, John Dunning, Jerritt Elliott, Terry Gamble, Chris Gravel, Kevin Hambly, Tom Keating, Joe Sagula and Bond Shymansky

The first contact is arguably the most important, and in this video you will be shown a collection of 30 of the best passing and digging drills from an all-star cast of coaches. Everything a coach needs to know about these two skills is covered in this video. The drills flow from basic mechanics of the skills to advanced, game-like drills that put emphasis on passing or digging. Passing drills are broken up into segments focused on footwork, libero training and game play.

The Basics

Passing - Accurate passes are essential to run a functioning offense. In this section, you'll learn how to teach a beginning or less-experienced player how to pass properly to create consistency. The drills show easy-to-follow progressions that cover the basics of platform passing to more advanced drills that involve moving to pass in all directions. The simple steps provided will make it easy for you to understand how to organize practice drills to enhance the skills of your players.

Defensive digging - Coach-controlled drills cover the basics and defensive digging aspects that your team will use during games. Your players will work on their footwork, reaction time, overhand digging and proper court movement. The "Diamond Passing" drill is one of two single-focus drills that are presented. It is a great drill that will engage the brain while working on ball handling. Players must learn to focus during a chaotic situation while playing the ball and performing coach-initiated tasks. This is a great drill to help players stay focused on playing the ball while various distractions occur around them.

Team Passing

The drills in this section focus on serve-receive and player responsibilities for serve-receive. Each drill targets a different aspect of the serve-receive, including movement, seam responsibilities, communication, and ball control. Many of the drills are demonstrated with variations that allow you to alter the main focus to suit the needs of your team. The last drill series progresses to attacking off of the pass, two important skills in one drill.

Pepper Drills (defensive ball control)
This series is a great practice warm-up that works on ball control with multiple touches. All of the drills are presented in a cooperative fashion, but can be used in a competitive manner as well. Your players will work on defending all types of attacks, including tips, rolls and full attacks. You will learn an entire season's worth of warm-ups from this section alone. The "Four Player Middle Back" drill is a great pepper game that gives middle backs (liberos) multiple reps defending soft shots to the deep corners, which will help them read and react quicker.

Team Games

All of the skills practiced in previous drills are put into game action. These team drills will bring fun to every practice, while challenging players to be the best defenders they can be. You will fall in love with the 6v6 Fun Zero Drill, which is all about effort on defense. Your players will be forced to work hard at reading, reacting and defending in order for their team to win the game.

Everything a team needs to improve their ball control and enhance the skills of their passers is presented in this video. With over two hours of drills from accomplished coaches, this is a must-have video for any team that wants to step up their passing abilities.

130 minutes. 2015.

featuring drills from Bryan Bunn, Teri Clemens, Todd Dagenais, John Dunning, Christy Johnson-Lynch, Tom Keating and Lizzy Stemke

This video is a complete toolbox of setting drills that will greatly enhance your practice library. Compiled from the best setting videos in Championship Productions' extensive

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