The Best of Championship Productions - Track & Field: 65+ Discus Drills

The Best of Championship Productions - Track & Field: 65+ Discus Drills
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Product Description

Discover dozens of proven drills to help athletes throw the discus further than ever!

  • Receive dynamic and active warm-up routines tailored to discus throwers
  • Get breakdowns of all components of the discus throw with numerous examples for athletes of all levels
  • Learn quick-fix error correction techniques for common discus mistakes


  • John Frazier - UCLA Assistant Coach
  • Carrie Lane - University of Nebraska Throws Coach
  • Brian Bedard - Colorado State University Head Coach
  • Larry Judge - former USATF Coaching Education National Throws Chairman
  • Jim Aikens - Fremd High School (IL) Head Boys Coach
  • Jim Garnham - University of Buffalo Assistant Coach/Throws
  • John Ridgeway - Central Michigan University Throws Coach
  • Travis Geopfert - University of Tennessee Associate Head Coach

This video, which features a plethora of drills from some of the best discus coaches in the country, is a detailed and technical approach of development for the discus thrower. The variety of experienced coaches within the video provide drills that emphasize warm up, footwork, balance, and throwing technique through all phases of the discus circle. You'll get clear, content-focused discussion and correction with an emphasis on drill progression and the fundamental components that are necessary to become a successful discus thrower.

Warm Ups

In order to help athletes perform at their best, it's important to have a great warm up. In this segment, John Frazier leads off with some turning drills outside of the circle to help athletes work on basic rotation principles. Carrie Lane also takes her thrower through the Overhead Back and Between the Legs Forward toss to add some ballistic movements to the warm up. Additionally, Brian Bedard demonstrates hurdle mobility drills, including executing turns over hurdles to improve coordination, posture and balance.

Full Throws, Middle Ring Focus

The middle of the ring is important in the discus. Executing good movement through the middle helps a thrower develop power and set their hips up correctly as they enter the power position. To help athletes master this part of the event, John Frazier demonstrates several full throws, breaking down proper positioning, while discussing common errors that occur in the middle of the ring and their corrections.

The Release

There are three things that determine how far a discus will travel: the angle of release, height, and velocity. In this segment, Travis Geopfert discusses how to build the perfect release using sequential timing to teach the release from the ground up.

This video is packed with over two hours of drills, cues, and corrections from some of the world's top coaches. At the end, Coach Bedard puts it all together, finishing with full throws and reverses while pointing out proper positioning, sequencing, and cues to help athletes complete the perfect throw.

This video is a must-have for any throws coach working with beginner to intermediate athletes. The coaches expertly break the discus down in a clear and concise way that will allow you to teach your own athletes like a pro. If you're looking for an edge in your discus teaching program, look no further!

137 minutes. 2019.

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