The Best of Championship Productions: Defense Drills 2-Pack

The Best of Championship Productions: Defense Drills 2-Pack
The Best of Championship Productions: Defense Drills 2-Pack
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Product Description

  • Gain access to a variety of top-level drills and techniques for the defensive line
  • Teach skills that will immediately increase your defensive production and carry over to game success
featuring Paul Creighton, Dave Doeren, Brick Haley, Don Johnson, Greg Mark and Charlie Partridge

Championship Productions has pulled 40 of the best drills in its video library and assembled them into one product. This video provides numerous drills and techniques you can use to mold your athletes into productive pass rushers and run stuffers.

These drills will help your players develop the flexibility, hand movement, speed, quickness, strength, and leverage they need to plug the gaps in the run game and attack the quarterback in the passing game.

You'll see world-class instructors break down stance and start techniques, as well as innovative drills to make your athletes' first two steps quick and violent.

You'll learn a variety of ways to enhance sled work, as well as gain ideas on how to utilize shoots and agility bags. Train your players to create leverage and separation from the offensive line enabling them to get into space consistently and make more plays.

This video contains everything a defensive line coach needs to kick their unit up a notch. With drills and tips appropriate for all levels, there's not a more complete product on the market. Improve your team today!

104 minutes. 2015.

featuring Ron Cooper, Dave Doeren, Chris Merritt, Mark Stoops, Robert Tucker and Seth Wallace

This video features a collection of 40 game-tested drills compiled from Championship Productions' videos.

You will learn proven drills that are well-suited for daily practice and be able to apply them to improve the skills and techniques of your team's defensive backs. Some of the skills covered include: footwork, block destruction, tackling, creating turnovers and coverage concepts.


This segment details key footwork drills that any coach can use when teaching key concepts from basic stance to change of direction.

Block Destruction, Tackling and Turnovers

Block destruction, tackling and turnovers are the most critical component to any defensive strategy.

Included in this segment are the requisite steps in "Turning Over the Ball" — an approach that will teach your players how to recognize and leverage turnover opportunities.

In a step-by-step format appropriate for individual, group, and team instruction, the last half of this segment explains and demonstrates the fundamentals involved in sound tackling. These drills will help your players understand the importance of body position and leverage, while ensuring they are safe, aggressive tacklers.

Ball Skills and Man Defense

This segment helps develop your players' natural instincts to the ball. Players will learn to fight for the ball when it's in the air and not wait for the receiver to make the first move. You'll also assist your players with interception and batted ball production by implementing these practical drills.

For man defense, these drills help you control the wide receiver whether he's running an In, Out or Vertical route.

Zone, Scheme, Reads

Footwork, change-of-direction, and fundamental techniques involved in playing both man and zone coverage are all key factors included in this segment. You'll get tips on playing the fade and slant routes, as well as techniques that defensive backs can employ to read the three- and five-step drop.

Also reviewed are tips on how defensive backs can train their eyes to cover the field in halves and deep-third coverages.

This video is the definitive source for defensive back instruction at all levels. It provides you the necessary tools and knowledge-base to coach secondary players, whether you're facing a pass or run dominant offense.

63 minutes. 2015.

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