The Best of Championship Productions: 50 Hitting Drills for Baseball

The Best of Championship Productions: 50 Hitting Drills for Baseball
The Best of Championship Productions: 50 Hitting Drills for Baseball
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Product Description

Get 50 of the best hitting drills available from the nation's top baseball coaches
  • Learn drills for teaching balance, bat path, weight shift, hand-eye coordination and improved contact
  • Troubleshoot struggling hitter mechanics with simple drills that fix any mechanical flaw
  • Learn how to effectively square pitches – even off-speed pitches – for improved contact and enhanced offense
  • Dr. Dirk Baker, Worcester State University Head Coach
  • Scott Jackson, University of North Carolina Assistant Coach
  • Jay Johnson, University of Arizona Head Coach
  • Kevin Long, New York Mets Hitting Coach
  • Andy Lopez, former University of Arizona Head Coach
  • Dan McDonnell, University of Louisville Head Coach
  • Paul McCloin, Associate Scout for the New York Yankees
  • Joel Schaefer, Point Loma Nazarene University Head Coach
  • Ed Servais, Creighton University Head Coach
  • Todd Whitting, University of Houston Head Coach
  • Mike Woods, Hamilton (AZ) HS Head Coach

Hitting a baseball is one of the hardest things to do in any sport. Imagine going to a baseball conference and having some of the best hitting minds in baseball talk about their favorite drills to improve hitting. Would you go? This video combines some of the best high school, college and professional hitting minds into one place: your living room.

Using a progression of drills, the various coaches in this video show how to teach mechanics that enhance the ability of players to hit any pitch possible while increasing their confidence in any game situation. These drills work on strengthening mechanics, which in turn improves the timing of the swing.

Drills to teach hitting

Learn how to use drills that enhance hitting mechanics while increasing power and hand-eye coordination to develop tough, sound hitters. This compilation of hitting drills contains details on how to teach the various points of hitting needed to develop a successful hitter at any level. The video is broken down into three categories: tee drills, front toss drills and bunting.

  • Tee Drills: The tee drills demonstrate balance, solve swing issues, develop strength and teach necessary coaching points important for being a successful hitter at any level of play. For example, the deep tee drill teaches hitters to allow the ball to get deep into the zone, an important attribute of any hitter. The heavy ball drill forces hitters to hit through the ball, developing strength and increased contact through the hitting zone.
  • Front Toss/Soft Toss Drills: Interspersed through this sequence are front toss and soft toss drills that address balance, identify cues for off-speed pitches, develop mechanics and improve hand eye-coordination. The thunderstick drill is a great drill to work on hand-eye coordination by hitting with a reduced hitting surface. The 3-ball front toss drill teaches hitters contact points important for mastering the hitting zone.
  • Bunting: This segment focuses on teaching various bunt types and situations, explaining strategy on the use of the bunt.

The drills in this video will enhance your hitters' ability to master the hitting zone and increase offensive productivity.

The compilation of coaches gives you everything you need to develop effective, successful hitters at any level. This video will increase the success of any hitter, at any age, and help your team become an offensive nightmare for opposing pitchers.

"As an avid client of Championship Productions, I always find their products to be top-notch. However, this video breaks the mold and is hands down my best recommendation for any coach wanting to evolve their hitting philosophy. Owning most of the videos in this video, I can attest that the best drills were taken to compile this hitting bible. This is a great reference point not only to develop but enhance your hitters." - Customer Review

86 minutes. 2016.

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