The Best of Championship Productions: 45 Softball Drills for Infielders

The Best of Championship Productions: 45 Softball Drills for Infielders
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Develop elite infielders with 45 drills from the game's best coaches!

  • Get techniques for a proper throwing warm-up that promotes arm health
  • Increase efficiency throwing and receiving balls with integrated drills
  • Discover drills for specific infield position play and execution of pick-offs, cutoffs, and double plays


Mike Candrea - University of Arizona Head Coach
Patty Gasso - University of Oklahoma Head Coach
Lonni Alameda - Florida State University Head Coach
Kelly Inouye-Perez - UCLA Head Coach
Peter Turner - San Jose State University Head Coach
Beth Torina - LSU Head Coach
Margie Knight - Salisbury University Head Coach
Ehren Earleywine - former University of Missouri Head Coach
Randy Ward - Loyola Marymount University Assistant Coach
Jenny Cladding - French Softball Team Manager; former Florida Assistant Coach
Eugene Lenti - DePaul University Head Coach
George Wares - Central College Head Coach
Christina Sutcliffe - Northern Illinois University Head Coach
Craig Nicholson - former Arizona State University Head Coach
Megan Smith - University of Kansas Head Coach
Mike Stith - Team Mizuno Director of Player Development
Kyla Holas - University of Houston Head Coach
Linda Wells - former Arizona State University Head Softball Coach
Sandy Montgomery - SIU-Edwardsville Head Coach
Shonda Stanton - Indiana University Head Coach
Ricci Woodard - Texas State Head Coach

This video provides a resource for drills to improve all areas of infield play. You will be exposed to philosophies on maximizing player touches and how to safely warm-up arms for quality play.

21 of the most respected coaches in softball explain and demonstrate 45 different infield drills. You'll see drills for throwing, pre-pitch movement, proper fielding position, fielding various types of hits, completing double plays and covering bases.


Infielders must be able to transfer and throw the ball quickly to get out the fastest runners. The average runner in college softball will run home to first in about three seconds, but slappers can get there as fast as 2.6 seconds. This video shows how to throw from different arm angles and throw on the run to get the ball to first base quickly.


Players with good fundamentals make fewer mistakes. Perfect your players' fielding positions on ground balls to ensure they can make plays with the pressure on! In one particularly fun drill, the Fielding Footwork drill (‘Stopping rolling balls with footwork'), 4x WCWS National Championhip coach Patty Gasso has her fielders use their footwork to stop balls!

Double Plays and Covering Bases

A defense can bail a pitcher out of a jam by getting two outs on one batted ball. You'll learn how to turn a double-play from any position on the field. Also, see how to teach your players the proper positioning for force outs and tags, pick-offs, and steals.

If you're looking for a one-stop solution to infield mechanics and drills, look no further!

150 minutes. 2018.

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