The Best of Championship Productions: 40 Running Back Drills

The Best of Championship Productions: 40 Running Back Drills
The Best of Championship Productions: 40 Running Back Drills
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Get the drills you need to build a tough, versatile running back
  • Utilize drills for improving elusiveness with speed cuts, jump cuts, and slalom runs
  • Get drills to toughen up any running back and teach them how to deliver the blow to the defender
  • Includes drills to improve blocking and catching skills
  • Brad Salem - Michigan State University Running Backs Coach
  • Brian White - Boston College University Assistant Coach / Receivers; former University of Florida Assistant Coach/Running Backs
  • Philip Montgomery - University of Tulsa Head Coach; former Baylor University Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach
  • Todd Norman - M.S. Kinesiology; founder The Cutting Edge - Athletic Performance Enhancement;Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)
  • Tony Alford - University of Notre Dame Running Backs Coach; former University of Louisville Running Backs Coach

Having an elusive running back at any level makes it difficult for opposing defenses to slow down your offense. This video collects 40 of the best running back drills from some of Championship Productions' top running back coaches. It gives you a blueprint on developing not only an elusive back, but one that will also be physical and run downhill with authority.

Agility Drills

These agility drills will develop improved balance and control of the center of gravity to allow you to develop explosiveness and bursts of speed toward holes or past defenders. Blocking bags and shields, hurdles, agility ladders, agility poles and cones are utilized to demonstrate methods for improving quickness and acceleration with changes in direction. Drills for speed cuts, jump cuts and slalom runs are illustrated to simulate game-like moves that will improve your elusiveness and cause defenders to miss tackles.

Ball Security Drills

Ball security drills demonstrate how to improve your running back's ability to maintain control of the ball with pressure placed on it from multiple directions. You'll also see how to utilize the stiff arm with the free hand and "dip & rip" on the ball side when approaching defenders. Various game-like scenarios are presented for practicing ball security skills, such as goal line and sideline runs.

Strength, Catching & Blocking Drills

Resistance belts and bungee cords are utilized to improve motor memory, strength and power with simulated running and pass routes. Your running backs will practice catching footballs away from their body with their hands at multiple angles. Improve your running back's ability to engage their hips to generate forceful blocks.

The running back must demonstrate physical and mental toughness on every down and situation. These situations, techniques, and skills must be drilled daily to build a consistent down to down back. Regardless of your offensive philosophy or scheme, this video features many drills that will help your running backs be at their best.

61 minutes. 2016.

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