The Best of Championship Productions: 40 Baseball Drills for Infielders

The Best of Championship Productions: 40 Baseball Drills for Infielders
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Create fantastic individual defenders with 40 of the game's best drills!

  • Improve the footwork of your infielders to ensure they can make efficient plays
  • Ensure players get into the right position on the field to get more outs and make fewer errors
  • Teach your infielders to field and throw out runners on slow rollers


  • Andy Lopez - former University of Arizona Head Coach
  • Bill Mosiello - Texas Christian University Associate Head Coach
  • Brandon Buck - former Mountain Pointe High School (AZ) Head Coach
  • Brandon Hall- Director of Scouting for Prep Baseball Report North Carolina
  • Loren Hibbs - UNC Charlotte Head Coach
  • Dan McDonnell - University of Louisville Head Coach
  • Ed Servais - Creighton University Head Coach
  • Jack Leggett - Team USA U18 Head Coach
  • Jay Johnson - University of Arizona Head Coach
  • Jim Morris - former University of Miami Head Coach
  • Joe Schaefer - Northwest Nazarene University Head Coach
  • Marc Rardin - Iowa Western Community College Head Coach
  • Scott Forbes - University of North Carolina Associate Head Coach
  • Scott Jackson - Liberty University Head Coach
  • Scott Stricklin - University of Georgia Head Coach
  • Steve Johnigan - Baylor University Director of Athletic Facilities & Operations
  • Todd Whitting - University of Houston Head Coach

If you want to up your team's ability in the infield, this compilation of 40 drills from some of the best coaches and baseball programs in baseball is exactly what you need! You'll get exercises that work on the most important aspects of infielding, including footwork, throwing, fielding position, collecting different types of hits, flips, tags, turning double plays, and more.

Footwork and Throwing

Footwork is critical for every skill that an infielder must execute because the feet have to put the infielder in the proper position to make a play. Footwork is especially important in throwing because players must be able to get their feet in position to make a strong throw and get rid of the ball quickly to get out the fastest runners.

In one particularly fun drill, Baylor's Steve Johnigan shows you how to make throwing practice more competitive by getting infielders to continue backing up to see how far they can throw the ball while maintaining accuracy.

Fielding Fundamentals

Players with good fielding fundamentals will make fewer mistakes, meaning fewer runs given up to the opposition. You will learn how to break down a complex skill like fielding into its individual components to make learning and practicing the skill easier for your athletes. Perfecting fielding position on ground balls and short hops will ensure that players can perform when the pressure is on!

Fielding Ground Balls

The best way to practice fielding is through constant repetition. The coaches in this video will give you ways to get your fielders the fungo reps they need in the most efficient manner. From indoors to outdoors, slow rollers to short hops, you'll get the drills you need to take your fielders to the next level.

Learn from the best baseball coaches in the country with this comprehensive collection of infield drills. If you're looking for a one-stop solution to infield mechanics and exercises, look no further!

154 minutes. 2019.

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