The Best of Championship Productions: 35 Softball Drills for Outfielders

The Best of Championship Productions: 35 Softball Drills for Outfielders
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Cover more ground and make more plays in the outfield with 35 of Championship Productions' best drills!

  • Teach your players to make strong throws so opponents will think twice before taking another base
  • Help outfielders communicate with each other to establish a backup coverage and prevent collisions
  • Get athletes past any fear of diving for balls so they can cover more ground and make spectacular plays


Tim Walton - University of Florida Head Coach
Patty Gasso - University of Oklahoma Head Coach
Eugene Lenti - DePaul University Head Coach
Mike Candrea - University of Arizona Head Coach
Caitlin Lowe - University of Arizona Assistant Coach
Alicia O'Brien - Central College Associate Head Coach
Margie Knight - Salisbury University Head Coach
Mike Stith - Team Mizuno Director of Player Development
Sandy Montgomery - SIU-Edwardsville Head Coach
Christina Sutcliffe - Northern Illinois University Head Coach
Peter Turner - San Jose State University Head Coach
Beth Torina - LSU Head Coach
Kelly Inouye-Perez - UCLA Head Coach
John Tschida - University of St. Thomas Head Coach
Katie Schroeder - former Arizona State University Assistant Coach
Kyla Holas - University of Houston Head Coach

16 of the top coaches in softball explain and demonstrate 35 outfield drills in this comprehensive video. You'll learn the skills and drills to build fundamentally sound outfielders so your team can make more outs and prevent extra-base hits. Throwing, drop steps, fielding fly balls and ground balls, fly ball communication, robbing balls at the fence, and diving catches are all covered!


Outfielders must be able to throw the ball strongly and accurately to prevent opposing runners from taking extra bases or scoring runs. You'll learn how to get behind the ball and crow-hop into the throw or throw on the run to make a shorter, quicker throw.

Fielding Fly Balls and Ground Balls

Using a drop step to get a great angle on a ball hit over the head can be the difference between making a web gem catch or having the ball fall for a hit. You'll see skills and drills for catching balls hit deep, as well as how to run in to grab a shallow blooper. Outfielders who can move both forward and backward quickly to catch balls will be able to cover a lot of ground.

Diving and Fielding Balls at the Fence

Completing a diving catch is one of the most exciting plays an outfielder can make. You'll learn techniques and drills that remove the fear of diving and help your outfielders extend their range.

This video gives you outfield skills and drills from the best softball coaches in the country. A valuable addition to any softball coaching library!

135 minutes. 2018.

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