The Best of Championship Productions: 35 Baseball Drills for Outfielders

The Best of Championship Productions: 35 Baseball Drills for Outfielders
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Discover the best drills from the Championship Productions library for generating elite outfielders!

  • See how to make strong and accurate throws to gun down an advancing runner attempting to take an extra base
  • Develop outfielders who can cover more ground so your team can rob base hits from your opponent
  • Incorporate competition between your outfielders in practice to get them used to game-like pressure


  • Andy Lopez - former University of Arizona Head Coach
  • Barry Davis - Rider University Head Coach
  • Brandon Buck - former Mountain Pointe High School (AZ) Head Coach
  • Dan McDonnell - University of Louisville Head Coach
  • Ed Servais - Creighton University Head Coach
  • Dirk Baker - Worcester State University Head Coach
  • Gino DiMare - University of Miami Head Coach
  • Mark Brew - Lee University Head Coach
  • Jim Gantt - Catawba College Head Coach
  • Jim Morris - former University of Miami Head Coach
  • Jim Schlossnagle - Texas Christian University Head Coach
  • Marc Rardin - Iowa Western Community College Head Coach
  • Mike Fox - University of North Carolina Head Coach
  • Mitch Thompson - McLennan Community College Head Coach
  • Randy Mazey - West Virginia University Head Coach
  • Scott Jackson - Liberty University Head Coach
  • Scott Stricklin - University of Georgia Head Coach
  • Steve Johnigan - Baylor University Director of Athletic Facilities & Operations
  • Tom Riginos - Winthrop University Head Coach
  • Mark Brew - Lee University Head Coach
  • Dr. Dirk Baker - Worcester State University Head Coach

The outfield is the last resort of defense for any team. The key to winning championships is having a consistent outfield that can cover a lot of ground, make strong throws, and consistently complete putouts.

Using a progression of defensive outfield drills, this video will give you a plethora of exercises, coaching points, and intellectual capital necessary to enhance your outfielders. You'll get 35 drills in total that cover important skills like throwing, drop steps, fielding fly balls and ground balls, fly ball communication, cuts and relays, playing balls off the fence and more.


Learn the skills and drills necessary to prevent opposing runners from taking extra bases or scoring runs. You will see how to get in a good throwing position behind the ball to make a strong and accurate throw to gun down a runner trying to score. Outfielders must make the longest throws on the field, so they must learn to use their bodies in a way that provides maximum arm strength.

Cuts and Relays

Making a strong throw is important, but knowing where to throw the ball is just as critical. You'll discover how to set up your defense to allow your fielders to be perfectly positioned to cut off and redirect an incoming throw. No matter the situation or the baserunners, the coaches in this video will show you positioning for every conceivable situation you may encounter during a game.

Fly Balls and Ground Balls

Outfielders must make a drop step to get a good angle on a ball hit behind them, to the side, or over their head. Those first few steps towards the baseball can be the difference between making a web gem catch or having the ball fall for a hit. You'll see drills that will improve your athletes' footwork, then progress to more advanced drills incorporating a ball hit live off the bat. The '27 out fungo team drill' from Texas Christian University head coach Jim Schlossnagle is great because it allows you to incorporate game-like pressures with your fielders to better prepare them for game day.

This video will give you everything you need to know about developing effective outfielders. You'll learn the mindset, techniques and abilities that put players in positions they can be successful.

148 minutes. 2019.

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