The Best of Championship Productions: 30 Softball Drills for Catchers

The Best of Championship Productions: 30 Softball Drills for Catchers
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Build a dynamic catcher with 30 of the best catching drills from the Championship Productions library!

  • Throw out more runners to get more outs or stop opponents from attempting to steal entirely
  • Perfect the block and recovery to ensure your team doesn't give up any free bases
  • Learn techniques that reinforce throwing fundamentals and how to receive pitches


Boo Gillette - Purdue University Head Coach
Christina Sutcliffe - Northern Illinois University Head Coach
Diana Pepin - Eastern Connecticut State University Head Coach
John Tschida - University of St. Thomas Head Coach
Kelly Inouye-Perez - UCLA Head Coach
Linda Wells - former Arizona State University Head Softball Coach
Lindsay Leftwich - LSU Assistant Coach
Margie Knight - Salisbury University Head Coach
Mike Stith - Team Mizuno Director of Player Development
Shonda Stanton - Indiana University Head Coach
Stacey Iveson - University of Arizona Assistant Coach

The catching position is often overlooked in its importance for the development of a championship level softball program. Too many times the development of the position is sacrificed for someone who can just manage to not drop everything from the pitcher as they develop.

This video includes catching drills and techniques taught by 11 of the most accomplished coaches in softball! Included are catcher-specific warm-ups, throwing drills, framing and receiving techniques, blocking drills, bunting drills, passed ball drills, pop-up fielding work, and how to deal with plays at the plate.

Warm-Ups and Throwing

The opening section gives you drills to get your catcher warmed up properly so they can avoid injury and increase quickness.

The best catchers are able to control an opponent's running game. You'll get drills that will help your catcher throw out more would-be base stealers with a faster release and stronger throw.


Receiving the pitch is arguably the most important thing a catcher does, as during the course of a game or season, they will execute this skill the most. Help your catcher become a pitcher's best friend by getting more borderline pitches called strikes by framing the ball correctly.


Nothing gets by the best catchers. Learn how to smother a ball in the dirt and block it in front to prevent runners from advancing.

You'll see how to make your drills more exciting by incorporating competition! In the Goalie Drill, cones are set up to make a goal and the catcher must block balls between the cones to defend the cones.

Bunts, Passed Balls, and Pop Ups

In addition to receiving, blocking, and throwing, catchers must be able to retrieve passed balls/wild pitches, field bunts, catch pop ups, and hold their ground on a play at the plate. It's important to make sure your catchers have training in all areas of responsibility, so they can execute best when the game is on the line.

This video provides a comprehensive toolkit for developing a fastpitch catcher with instruction from some of the best coaches in the game. Turn your catcher into a defensive superstar today!

79 minutes. 2018.

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