The Best of Championship Productions: 30 Setting Drills

The Best of Championship Productions: 30 Setting Drills
The Best of Championship Productions: 30 Setting Drills
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Product Description

The best skills, drills and techniques for setting, all packed into one star-studded video.
  • Discover 30 setting drills from seven of the nation's top collegiate volleyball coaches that teach proper mechanics and techniques
  • Get movement drills for training setters to get into the best position to set consistent, hittable balls
  • Learn drills that prepare setters to perform in emergency situations that may occur during a match
featuring drills from Bryan Bunn, Teri Clemens, Todd Dagenais, John Dunning, Christy Johnson-Lynch, Tom Keating and Lizzy Stemke

This video is a complete toolbox of setting drills that will greatly enhance your practice library. Compiled from the best setting videos in Championship Productions' extensive library, every aspect of a setter's game is covered in this series of drills, including mechanics, movement and emergency techniques.

Setting Mechanics

In these drills, the setter works on hand positioning, body positioning, and setting different locations at the net. The drills are geared towards training a setter's basic fundamentals, which in turn will help your setters become more consistent. Your players will focus on hand positioning, setting to various positions on the net, masking the set, good decision making and jump setting. The "Reverse the Flow" drill practices a skill most setters don't utilize: setting opposite of the pass. This drill will train your setters to become more unpredictable as they set balls in the opposite direction of the pass.

Movement Drills

Your players will use more game-like skills in this set of drills, as they begin setting while moving. Setters must know how to get into position to set consistent, hittable balls. Every possible setting scenario is covered in this series of drills, including how to get to target, how to move to get under a ball, the serve receive release, covering hitters and transitioning from defensive positions. The "Set, Cover, Dig, Set" series is a great sequence that covers what a setter should do in an average offensive possession. Covering a hitter can often be overlooked by setters, but in this series it is etched into your players' brains as they are also work on moving, setting, and digging.

Emergency Moves

Your setters will learn how to take balls tight to the net, off the net and off target in this video segment. Even though they are labeled as emergency moves, setters face these situations many times during a typical match. You'll also learn how to teach the spin move, various types of tilt sets, balls into the net and how to attack tightly-passed balls. The "Setter Dump" drill series covers every type of attack a setter could use, explains why each attack is effective and also goes over when the best time is to use them.

Coaches of all levels will benefit from the drills and skills showcased in this video. Improving the game play of your setters will instantly improve the play of your entire team.

104 minutes. 2015.

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