The Best of Championship Productions: 30 Baseball Drills for Catchers

The Best of Championship Productions: 30 Baseball Drills for Catchers
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Get the finest drills for catchers from the Championship Productions library!

  • Throw out more runners attempting to steal by learning to quickly transfer and release
  • Receive borderline pitches and turn them into strikes with great framing technique
  • Block pitches in the dirt to avoid giving up free bases and earn confidence from pitchers


  • Brandon Buck - former Mountain Pointe High School (AZ) Head Coach
  • Jack Dahm - Mount Mercy University Head Coach
  • Jan Weisberg - Birmingham-Southern College Head Coach
  • Joe Mercadante - Stetson University Assistant Coach
  • Kyle Cheesebrough - Mississippi State University Volunteer Assistant Coach
  • Mark Calvi - University of South Alabama Head Coach
  • Mark Viramontes - University of San Diego Softball Assistant Coach
  • Matt Walbeck - former MLB Catcher (Cubs, Twins, Tigers, Angels, Phillies, Tigers)
  • Mike Woods - Hamilton High School (AZ) Head Coach
  • Norberto Lopez - University of Miami Assistant Coach
  • Ryan Shotzberger - University of Houston Assistant Coach
  • Scott Stricklin - University of Georgia Head Coach
  • Steve Johnigan - Baylor University Director of Athletic Facilities & Operations

This video from Championship Productions features 13 of the top coaches in baseball and includes 30 different drills that will help you produce dominant catchers! You'll learn the skills and drills necessary for a well-rounded catcher, including exercises that touch on stance and hand position, blocking, receiving, the transfer, throwing, plays at the plate, bunts and more.


Learn how to set up properly to be in the best position to receive or block an incoming pitch. Squatting for the majority of a baseball game can leave a catcher tired and sore; a proper stance can help improve a catcher's longevity and keep them healthy and ready to play.


The best catchers in baseball give their pitchers confidence to work low in the zone by blocking everything in the dirt. You will see how to block balls that fall short directly in front of the catcher, as well as outside the plate.

In one particular drill, University of Miami assistant coach Norberto Lopez shows how to develop more hip velocity in blocking by using resistance bands. More velocity means better quickness and ability to stop more balls in the dirt.


During an average game, the skill that catchers must execute most often is receiving a pitch. Because of this, receiving is arguably the most important thing a catcher must do. This section will help you turn your catcher into a good receiver, leading to more strike calls from the umpire.


Having a good throwing arm is a bonus for a catcher. The skill all catchers must master is a quick transfer and release to be able to get rid of the ball quickly. A good transfer can help a catcher with an average or sub-par arm compensate for their weaknesses. You will see how to control an opponent's running game with a faster release and stronger throw.

This all-encompassing video gives you the chance to learn from the best instructors in baseball. It includes everything you'll need to prepare your catchers to be the leader of your defense.

75 minutes. 2019.

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