The Best of Championship Productions 3-Pack: 150 Drills for Softball

The Best of Championship Productions 3-Pack: 150 Drills for Softball
The Best of Championship Productions 3-Pack: 150 Drills for Softball
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  • Improve hand-eye coordination using visual training drills
  • Develop your slap hitters' footwork to the ball and out of the box
  • Help your players improve their mechanics and correct common problems
  • Ehren Earleywine, Head Coach at University of Missouri
  • Howard Dobson, Assistant Coach at Louisiana State University
  • John Tschida, Head Coach at University of St. Thomas
  • Christina Sutcliffe, Head Coach at Northern Illinois University
  • George Wares,Head Coach at Central College
  • Gordon Eakin, Head Coach at Brigham Young University
  • Craig Nicholson, former head coach at Arizona State University
  • Randy Schneider, former Associate Head Coach at University of Wisconsin
  • Tim Walton, Head Coach at University of Florida
  • Margie Knight, Head Coach at Salisbury University

Becoming a successful hitter takes time and dedication. Because the swing happens in a fraction of a second, it's often difficult for a hitter to feel and adjust certain critical parts of their swing.

Championship Productions has compiled the best hitting drills in its video library from 10 of the top hitting coaches. Each section provides a variety of drills that will help your hitters build championship-caliber swings.


Work on the proper linear drive and rotation to put your hitter's body in a strong position to deliver power into the softball. The lower body sets the tone for the swing and is critical for producing power. This section includes 12 drills to develop and improve a strong base and get the most leg drive out of your athletes.

Upper Body

Help your hitters become more consistent by developing a bat path that keeps their bat in the hitting zone longer. A proper bat path is determined by how the hitter moves her hands and arms. The coaches offer seven drills to isolate and develop the hands of the hitter, and 10 arm drills to put the hitter's upper body in the correct position.

Hand-Eye Coordination and Timing

As the phrase goes, you have to see the ball in order to hit it. Learn three drills to improve vision and seven drills to use that vision to teach the eyes to stay on the ball longer.

Full Swings

Finally, put it all together with 11 full swing drills. Develop balance throughout the swing and put your players in position to hit pitches to different locations.

From mechanics to timing, this video offers drills to work on every aspect of the swing and hitting a softball. You'll learn the art of hitting from 10 of the most successful hitting coaches in the game.

53 minutes. 2016.

  • Sharonda McDonald, University of Florida Assistant Coach; 2012 NPF Golden Spikes Award, ¬†2005 NCAA Division I Softball Golden Shoe Award, All-Time Leader in stolen bases and runs scored at Texas A&M
  • Stacey Gemeinhardt-Cesler, Iowa State University Head Softball Coach, 2 time Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association Coach of the Year, 2 time MVP for Missouri earning all-region honors three times
  • Kyla Holas, University of Houston Head Coach, 2x Conference USA Coach of the Year, Holds the record for most wins in conference history at 475, 3x All American at Louisiana-Lafayette
  • Christina Sutcliffe, Northern Illinois University Head Coach; back-to-back MAC Tournament runners-up (2013-14)
  • Ehren Earleywine, University of Missouri Head Softball Coach; 3 WCWS appearances; his teams ranked in top 10 for the last 7 seasons; a career winning percentage of .743 making him the 13th-winningest coach in NCAA Division I history¬†
  • Yvette Healy, University of Wisconsin Head Coach; 2013 Big Ten Tournament Champions; four straight 30-win seasons (2011-14); 2007 Horizon Coach of the Year; 2x All American at DePaul University

The slap is a powerful weapon in softball, and great slappers can leave even the strongest defenses scratching their heads.

Championship Productions has complied th

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