The Art of Baserunning: Strategy and Technique

The Art of Baserunning: Strategy and Technique
The Art of Baserunning: Strategy and Technique
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with Loren Hibbs,
UNC Charlotte Head Coach;
25 seasons as head coach at UNC Charlotte; averaged more than 30 wins per season in his career;
7x regular season conference champs, 4x conference tournament titles;
5x NCAA Tournament appearances; has coached 14 MLB players;
A-10 Coach of the Year (2007); C-USA Coach of the Year (1998);
2018 Inductee into the Kansas Baseball Hall of Fame;
was an Assistant Coach at Wichita State (where he played) when they won the College World Series (1989)

Coach Hibbs knows that baserunning is a major piece of maintaining a successful baseball program. The goal is to maximize on base opportunities by stretching an extra base out of many situations. He begins with instruction on running from home plate. The teaching point is to make the transition from hitter to base runner as quickly as possible. The dynamics of baserunning changes when the runner is on first base. Hibbs breaks down the strategies involved in running from first and teaches how to get to second and third base. The lead is also a crucial element in running from first and second. Many strategies are introduced for running from third base. Hibbs covers tag plays by examining many different running situations. Once around the bases, Hibbs concludes by taking a look at drills and game situations.

61 minutes. 2008.

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