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The Answer
The Answer
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Not just for swimmers - For EVERYONE! Athletic Fat Loss and Body John Coffman

In athletics we rely on two things in particular to achieve results - effort and consistency. Effort is unique to each individual, so this has to be accounted for in our program. The Answer accomplishes this mainly through Time-Based Training. Time-Based Training is brutally simple: accomplish as much work as you can, with whatever type of training, in a given time period. For example, if you were jumping rope, you would jump as fast as you possibly could for, let's say, 5 minutes. This might sound too simple and too easy to possibly work. The results say otherwise! No heavy lifting or marathon training sessions required, period.

The Answer is a COMPLETE 16-week diet and training program that ENSURES your success. It uses a wide variety of methods and exercises, all with photo descriptions, to get you the fat-loss and body recomposition results that you are looking for - in the minimum time possible.

126 pages. 2010.

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