The Air Raid Offense: Run Game and Screen Game

The Air Raid Offense: Run Game and Screen Game
The Air Raid Offense: Run Game and Screen Game
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Product Description

  • Attack the perimeter of any defense with lightning speed
  • Effectively use play action to lead explosive defensive playmakers away from the ball
  • Learn the Q-Screen for quick hitting plays that bust for long yardage
  • Includes the Eagle Fox package that complements the Q-Screen when you need a home run
with Corey Fipps, Belhaven University Co-Offensive Coordinator;
former Faulkner University Offensive Coordinator;
In 2011, the Eagles led the nation in total offense, averaging 520 yards per game. Faulkner University was also third in the nation in scoring with 43.5 points scored per game

Implementing the spread offense is about more than just the passing game. Coaches must have a strong running attack to keep defenses honest. Faulkner University has grown into a football power in a short time with the help of the Eagle spread offense.

Using a power point presentation, Coach Fipps details his Stretch, Q-Screen, Slow Screen and Fox Package before showing you game cut-ups of each play and describing the nuances that make each play successful.

  • The Faulkner Stretch Play is unique because it attacks the defense in three different ways from multiple formations and backfield actions. The action may be different but the same blocking scheme is implemented by the offensive line on all three plays allowing for simplicity and tremendous execution.
  • The Q-Screen is a quick hitting screen that gets the ball to the edge in a hurry with the offensive line leading the way.
  • The Slow Screen will get the ball to one of your best athletes on the edge where he can showcase his talents.
  • The Fox Package is a great compliment to the Q-Screen. You will love to call the "Fox." When the defense gets aggressive, get behind the corners by faking the Q-Screen for an easy score.

Coach Fipps shows his screens from a variety of formations and motions making the screen game difficult to defend by even a championship-caliber team. These plays also help develop confidence in your quarterback by providing easy completions and they can help a struggling offensive line. The screens can become even more effective with the multiple formations and motions that are utilized and covered by Fipps.

This screen package can be installed and extremely effective from the Junior High to college level. Even a novice could find success after watching Coach Fipps present the plays.

Order now and study the nuances on how Coach Fipps has attacked defenses with both the run and screen games in route to becoming the #1 offense in NAIA in 2011.

56 minutes. 2012.

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