The Air Raid Offense: Quick Game and Deep Game

The Air Raid Offense: Quick Game and Deep Game
The Air Raid Offense: Quick Game and Deep Game
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  • Develop an arsenal of high percentage passes that can beat the blitz
  • Learn formations and route combinations that allow you to expose mismatches and get the ball in the hands of your best receiver
  • Learn creative ways to improve red zone performance
  • Adapt common quick game concepts through the use of tags to keep opponents off balance
with Corey Fipps, Belhaven University Co-Offensive Coordinator;
former Faulkner University Offensive Coordinator;
In 2011, the Eagles led the nation in total offense, averaging 520 yards per game. Faulkner University was also third in the nation in scoring with 43.5 points scored per game

Develop a high percentage passing game that moves the chains and scores from anywhere on the field.

Corey Fipps shares his quick game and deep passing game and shows you how simple it is to run an explosive offensive scheme that no defense will want to line up against. The Eagle no-huddle offense snaps the ball in as little as 12 seconds and the up tempo style is a nightmare for any defense to defend.

Coach Fipps presents his passing game with a power point presentation and game footage in which he coaches you up on the essentials of each play. Routes shown in the quick game include:

  • Quick Out - A high percentage throw when combined with combination tagged routes.
  • Slants - See how to use slant routes from a 3 x 1 set to maintain momentum in the red zone.
  • Stick - Flood the curl/flat zone and place defenders in conflict while creating easy reads for your quarterback.
  • Spot - Create defensive mismatch ups.
Fipps discusses the MOR release, (mandatory outside release) used in the quick out and how vital it is for the dynamics of the play to work properly.

The deep game features four verticals and Fipps discusses simple adjustments you can use against different coverages.

  • Sail - Take advantage of linebackers walling off the inside vertical routes.
  • Y Cross - Open up the middle of the field with a combination of specific routes.
Coaches from every level will gain knowledge from Coach Fipps and the High Flying Eagle Passing Game.

71 minutes. 2012.

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