The 52 Monster Defense

The 52 Monster Defense
The 52 Monster Defense
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with Hank Schrader,
Bellevue HS (WA) Defensive Coordinator

For over 30 years, Coach Schrader has used the 52 Monster defense with great success and now shares the theories, alignments and fronts, linebacker play, cover schemes, and blitz, stunts and special techniques for this formidable defense. The benefits of the 52 are that it covers all eight running gaps with single gap coverage, allows four rushers and seven players in coverage and can handle any formation with minor adjustments. Linebackers are the backbone of this defense, having to stop the run and the pass. In terms of cover schemes, a coach must determine the ratio of rushers to pass defenders. Secondly, players must have designated areas to defend or be assigned man-to-man responsibilities. Schrader includes game footage showing the 52 Monster that reinforces its dominance and clarifies its purpose.

101 minutes. 2007.

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