The 4-4 Swarm Defense: Outside Linebackers and Secondary

The 4-4 Swarm Defense: Outside Linebackers and Secondary
The 4-4 Swarm Defense: Outside Linebackers and Secondary
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  • Train your outside backers to condense a 54 yard football field into a five yard football field
  • Discover a simple rule that will get your free safety into the alley as an extra run defender
  • Learn how to defend the four vertical passing game out of Cover 3
  • Teach defensive backs to disrupt all phases of the vertical game and become secondary contain players versus the run
with Tim Murphy, Clayton Valley (CA) High School Head Coach;
2012 Division II North Coast CIF Champions; 11 straight years in the playoffs, 3x CIF Champions, 5x CIF Championship appearances, Winningest large high school program in central California this decade

Tim Murphy continues his 4-4 Swarm series with an inside look at the Outside Linebacker and Defensive Back positions in his swarming attack. Coach Murphy uses a multimedia presentation with game and practice footage in order to dissect reads, alignments, and techniques that are vital for defensive success.

Coach Murphy begins with a breakdown of alignments, reads, pass drops, and techniques for the outside linebackers His multimedia slides give a clear and easy explanation for easy implementation. Coach then takes you to the film room for practice footage on drills he uses in order to develop the most discipline players for the outside linebacker position. You will see the all-important key drill that teaches the outside backers how to react to the last man on the line of scrimmage and how his movement tells him what is coming from the offense. He ends with game footage to see how the practice drills transfer to on the field action.

Coach Murphy then breaks into the secondary responsibilities, alignment, technique, and coverages to be successful within his 4-4 defenses. Putting your secondary in position to be discipline and aggressive at the same time, will push your team over the edge this season in the 4-4 Swarm defense. He emphasizes the need for proper alignment and coverage understanding In addition, various coverages and checks are discussed through a multimedia presentation. Murphy takes you to the film room to look over practice footage of drills and then takes them into the game footage to see them executed in a game scenario.

To coaches running the 4-4 defense, this video will make your defense better and help you win that game against your rival.

49 minutes. 2014.

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