The 4-4 Swarm Defense: Adjusting to Multiple Offenses

The 4-4 Swarm Defense: Adjusting to Multiple Offenses
The 4-4 Swarm Defense: Adjusting to Multiple Offenses
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  • Develop a relentless attack versus the run and pass using the 4-4 Swarm Defense
  • Learn how to evaluate and identify players who will fit into your 4-4 defensive scheme
  • Learn how to condense the field, get your most aggressive players to the ball and gang tackle
with Tim Murphy, Clayton Valley (CA) High School Head Coach;
2012 Division II North Coast CIF Champions; 11 straight years in the playoffs, 3x CIF Champions, 5x CIF Championship appearances, Winningest large high school program in central California this decade

Three-time CIF Champion Tim Murphy has been one of the most successful coaches in the high school ranks in recent years. His defense has been one of the main ingredients for that success while coaching at three different schools. Coach Murphy takes you on an inside look at his relentless swarming defense that has been wreaking havoc upon opponents year in and year out.

Coaches at all levels will instantly get excited about the 4-4 Swarm Defense, not just because Coach Murphy has dominated central California football for the last decade, but because of the simplicity and the ability to get your three most aggressive players to the ball and stuff any offensive run game. He begins by explaining the defense in a PowerPoint discussion before showing you video of the 4-4 Swarm in action. You'll see a defense that:

  • Will adjust to any offensive scheme with its simplicity
  • Linemen that create a moving wall and outside backers that funnel the ball into a 5 yard alley
  • Inside backers that fill in the alley and create turnovers and big hits
  • Defensive backs that will disrupt all phases of the vertical game and become secondary contain players versus the run

The philosophy of the 4-4 Swarm is to condense the ball into a 5 yard alley that allows your free safety and inside linebackers to fill and stop the run for no gain. The defense forces the ball carrier to run horizontal allowing for the Swarm to take effect. Murphy takes an inside look at all the formation adjustments that are made against all personnel groupings. The basic alignment for every position is discussed through various graphics.

Coach Murphy goes into detail with his bounce and attack philosophy vs. the run. Every player is accountable and needs to do their job in order to secure the edge and force all plays into the D gap. He describes each position's responsibilities and flows in order to condense the field and swarm to the ball at a relentless pace. Murphy shows gang tackling at its finest with his philosophical and scheme approach.

Coach Murphy moves into his Disrupt and attack philosophy against the pass. Coach explains his Cage rush scheme he utilizes in the 4-4 scheme and all D-line responsibilities. He finishes his pass attack with his linebacker and secondary responsibilities, and thoroughly explains the passing zones and his various coverage schemes.

Coach Murphy moves through his presentation with various multimedia slides and game clips that help for easy understanding and installation for your team this season. He describes what style player he is looking for at each position in order to help you develop this defense easily.

If you are currently running a 4-4 defense or want to adapt a simple and sound package this video is a must. Defenses win championships, and this defense will help your team establish that championship foundation this season.

60 minutes. 2014.

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