The 1-2-2 Forecheck

The 1-2-2 Forecheck
The 1-2-2 Forecheck
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Product Description

  • Create more turnovers that lead to scoring opportunities
  • Learn six variations of the 1-2-2 forecheck
  • Includes detailed strategies and tactics for forechecking
with Rick Zombo,
Lindenwood University Head Coach,
2011 ACHA Division I National Runner-Up; 12 Year NHL Veteran

A good forecheck allows your team to achieve two things that are vitally important in deciding a hockey game. It allows you to control the pace of play and gain momentum for your team. By shutting down critical areas you can create big hits that cause turnovers and create scoring chances.

Rick Zombo has been part of three straight trips to the ACHA National title game. Fueling that success has been this 1-2-2 Forecheck System. Take an in-depth look at this proven system that will give your team more opportunities to gain control of the puck.

This 1-2-2 system is dictated by who you want to eliminate from the puck, where you want to create a turnover and what will help you win at the end of 60 minutes.

Coach Zombo begins with a review of the 1-2-2- forecheck and the strategies of the system; which boils down to the first layer works for the second and second layer for third in an attempt to maintain a wide approach for the five man containment inside the offensive zone. Zombo details these strategies layer-by-layer on a marker board while spelling out strategies, tactics and responsibilities of each position in the system.

A point of emphasis throughout is the contact sequence and an understanding of angles and stick control. Also included are strategies for being an aggressive defender; what Zombo describes as "opening the gate and closing the gate" in terms of enticing opponents into what you want them to do, rather than allowing them to do what they want to do!

Through a marker board discussion, Zombo presents six 1-2-2 forecheck situations. Situations vary in where you want to force the puck for a layered attack and includes strategies for continuous forechecking and forechecking off of face off losses. In each situation he details the strategies and tactics and reviews the situations that each variation fits into game play. The discussion is followed by on ice demonstrations that include Zombo teaching his players throughout each variation - offering a narrative of tips and tactics along the way.

In the second part of the DVD, Zombo diagrams and executes seven forecheck-specific drills that he uses to train his players for effective forechecking. The system's variations and drills all tie in with Zombo's three important components to the forecheck:

  • Approach angle to cut the rink in half
  • Read and respond
  • Communication between all five players for containment

This presentation is comprehensive, practical and extremely useful for teaching, training and mastering the 1-2-2 forechecking system!

82 minutes. 2011.

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