Texas Slot-T Offense: Power Series

Texas Slot-T Offense: Power Series
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Product Description

Discover the offense that was a part of multiple high school championship seasons!

  • Leverage personnel types so that your best players are always at the point of attack while younger players gain experience and grow within the offense
  • Get the base run plays of the Slot-T offense, including Power, Option, and Tackle Trap
  • Learn an easy play-calling communication system that allows every offensive position to play with speed and confidence

with Brian Herman,
Lockhart (TX) High School Head Coach;
former Liberty Hill (TX) Assistant Coach; helped lead Liberty Hill to back-to-back Texas Class 3A State Championships

The Slot-T has proven to be a highly effective offense at the high school level. Brian Herman describes the Power Series of plays that he has run with great success. Coach Herman uses a multimedia presentation including game video to demonstrate the three base plays and play action pass of the Power Series.

Coach Herman dives into specific detail about his 200 Power Series. You'll learn the specifics of four base plays: 234 dive, 228 toss, 243 tackle trap, and 216 pass. He provides in-depth commentary, whiteboard illustrations, and game footage to show how your team can effectively move the ball against any formation the defense presents.

Installing a Progression in the Power Series

Coach Herman runs through the base formation, alignments, gap numbering system, ideal personnel types for each position, and play calling methodology so that you can immediately implement this scheme into your offense.

  • Detailed coaching points and rules are provided for every position on each play in the Power Series.
  • Flipping the "strong side" and "quick side" linemen allow players to learn one set of rules for two different plays.
  • An intuitive defensive numbering system makes it easy for players to quickly identify and execute blocking responsibilities, regardless of where the defense aligns. Backside linemen are assigned play-side blocking responsibilities, which allows you to gain a numbers advantage on every run play.
  • Misdirection backfield action on every play causes defenses to play slow as they try to diagnose which player has the ball and where it's going.

Maximizing Each Play

Coach Herman explains his play-calling philosophy for each play in the Power Series to keep defenses guessing while putting your players in the best position to enjoy success.

  • 234 Dive is the 'bread and butter' play of the Power Series. This play is used to establish the run and ensures a double team with your best blockers at the point of attack. Backfield action gives the appearance of a triple option play.
  • 228 Toss allows your team to leverage speedier players to gain the edge on defenses when they stack the box to stop 234 Dive.
  • 243 Tackle Trap is a quick-hitting counter play to take advantage of teams that try to stop 234 Dive by keying offensive strength.
  • 216 Pass is a complement play-action pass play used to take advantage of overly aggressive teams that are focused on stopping the Power Series run plays.

Coach Herman diagrams each play before going over responsibilities of every play. Finally, game footage is used to reinforce techniques, highlight in-game adjustments, and clarify points that were covered on the whiteboard.

Coach Herman is methodical and thorough in his presentation of the Power Series. Coaches at all levels will benefit from this video. All aspects of the four fundamental Power Series plays are covered, ranging from offensive line splits, to quarterback steps, to when to call each play. By the end of this video, you'll have everything you need to understand, teach, and install a run-heavy attack that will keep your opponents on their heels!

66 minutes. 2017.

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