Texas Slot-T Offense: Overview and Basics

Texas Slot-T Offense: Overview and Basics
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Learn how to run an offensive system that closes the talent gap by emphasizing maximum teamwork!

  • Learn to how to install a "weather proof" run-oriented offense that is equally effective when the weather changes during championship season
  • Use angles and misdirection in the Slot-T to move the football against superior personnel
  • Get simplistic blocking schemes that allow you to run two plays with the same rules

with Brian Herman,
Lockhart (TX) High School Head Coach;
former Liberty Hill (TX) Assistant Coach; helped lead Liberty Hill to back-to-back Texas Class 3A State Championships

Now that the spread offense is in vogue and defenses are designed to combat wide formations, the Slot-T has become a unique offense that is difficult to counter. Brian Herman's Slot-T offense is the perfect answer for coaches who lack the personnel needed to run the up-tempo spread offense, and will present numerous challenges to more modern defenses that typically do not see this style of offense all season.

Coach Herman provides an excellent foundation for running the Slot-T offense. He utilizes play diagrams, schematics and video cut-ups to introduce the basics of this offense. You will learn the formations, terminology, and play design that make this offense so easy to learn and also so effective.

Why the Slot-T?

Learn how to run the football versus any defense despite potential differences in talent. See how players line up in four-point stances and use angle blocking to maximize "get off" on the snap to defeat larger, more talented teams. The team-oriented schematic structure emphasizes team football as opposed to one or two players being asked to make all of the plays.

  • It's an old-school style of football with an emphasis on running the football with a physical mindset.
  • It's difficult to prepare for since very few teams run this style of offense.

Formations and Terminology

The video are the basic formation, line splits, and attributes Coach Herman would like to see in each position on offense. The offense uses a strong side and a quick side. The offensive line utilizes the rare tactic of flipping the offensive line, which allows for simplicity in blocking rules as one scheme can be used for two plays. Simple formations and motions add flexibility to the offense.

  • Simple formations such as "A Right"/ "A Left"
  • Simple motion terms such as "Tom"
  • Triple digit play terminology simplifies the learning
  • Learn the base offensive series and how the plays fit together

Personnel Details & Practice Structure

Coach Herman goes into detail on what type of player is needed for each position and what to do if you don't have that kind of player in your program. He also details practice plans and identifies specific drills that are key to master the execution that allows them to run the ball so well.

With a philosophy of "run to win," Coach Herman illustrates step-by-step how the Slot-T offense is a great equalizer that will allow you to win games you shouldn't and compete when you are clearly outmatched. With easy-to-learn formations and terminology, a team-oriented schematic structure, and detailed personnel and practice format breakdowns, Coach Herman provides all the tools needed to install this effective offense.

40 minutes. 2017.

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