Texas Slot-T Offense: Misdirection Series

Texas Slot-T Offense: Misdirection Series
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Product Description

Learn how to use angles and misdirection in the Slot-T to move the football against superior personnel!

  • Learn an offense that can produce multiple 1,000-yard rushers in the same season
  • Get a play action pass play that can keep defenses off balance and create a big play when needed
  • Discover how formations are communicated and the line splits that are stressed when running the offense

with Brian Herman,
Lockhart (TX) High School Head Coach;
former Liberty Hill (TX) Assistant Coach; helped lead Liberty Hill to back-to-back Texas Class 3A State Championships

In this video, Brian Herman utilizes play diagrams and schematics as well as video cut-ups to introduce the basics of the 300/ Misdirection Series of the Slot-T offense. You'll learn the specifics of 3-3-3 Trap, 349 Load Sweep, 8-Hole reverse, and Pass 318 Waggle. With easy-to-learn formations and terminology, a team-oriented schematic structure, and detailed personnel and practice format breakdowns, Coach Herman provides all the tools needed to install this effective offense.

Basics of the Slot-T

Coach Herman uses a PowerPoint to explain the basics of the Slot T offense. With a philosophy of "run to win," he explains how the Slot-T is a great equalizer and will allow you to win games you shouldn't and compete when you are clearly outmatched. The Slot-T is a team-oriented schematic structure that emphasizes team football as opposed to one or two players being asked to make all of the plays.

The offense utilizes the rare tactic of flipping the offensive line, which simplifies what each player must know to execute. Simple formations and motions add flexibility to the offense..

300 Series

You will learn all you need to know to install the Slot-T's 300 Series, which creates deception with misdirection. The A Right formation is the base alignment for the Slot-T. Blocking rules for each position and each play are taught before game video is shown of each play. You'll see:

  • 3-3-3 (FB Trap) - The base play of the series.
  • 349 (Load/Down Sweep)
  • 8-Hole Reverse (Slot Reverse)
  • Pass 318 Waggle (Waggle)

Coach Herman's misdirection series for the Slot-T couples perfectly with the power series, but could be equally effective as a change-up series for just about any offense. With its simplicity and aggressive nature, this offense is sure to frustrate and tire out a defense while putting points on the board.

59 minutes. 2017.

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