Testing and Evaluation for Football Players

Testing and Evaluation for Football Players
Testing and Evaluation for Football Players
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Product Description

  • Learn key areas of testing dynamics to better evaluate your athletes' performance and improvement
  • Ensure your athletes are making gains in key areas of football conditioning; speed, agility, strength and more
  • Get 18 testing dynamics for evaluating your players
with Rob Rose, President of True Athlete Performance;
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Certified Conditioning Specialist (CCS), and Nationally Recognized Speaker

Testing is a critical component to any successful strength and conditioning program. Rob Rose, President of True Athlete Performance, uses his extensive background in exercise science to create a highly effective yet simple process for evaluating football players. These "tests" will give you a great baseline and evaluation tool for football-specific drills and testing parameters.

In a clear and detailed manner, Coach Rose explains 18 testing dynamics for evaluating football players. Each dynamic includes multiple drills. Each drill is thoroughly explained, includes a walk-through when needed and full speed demonstration.

This DVD is a great tool for showing athletes how to perfect the exercises and improve their performance. During each test, Rose explains mistakes that players can make that will reduce their effectiveness.

You will see tests in the following areas:

  • Linear Speed/First Step/Acceleration: Rose demonstrates the most commonly used speed test and several variations.
  • Agility: While the Pro Agility (5-10-5) and 3-Cone/L Drill are used in many football testing scenarios, Rose also brings to the table the 4-Corner Box Drill, which tests several different aspects of agility in one drill.
  • Power: Rose discusses several body-weight power tests, including the vertical and broad jump, as well as another explosive power test, the kneeling med ball toss. He provides several options on the vertical jump test depending on the equipment available.
  • Reaction/quickness: Not commonly used for football testing, these three reaction/quickness tests take only 10 seconds each.
  • Strength: Rose explains three strength tests that place all athletes on an even playing field.
Ensure that your strength and conditioning program is improving your athletes. With improved performance in these areas, your team is sure to improve its performance on game day.

36 minutes (plus 17 minutes of bonus footage). 2013.

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