Terri Mitchell: The Aggressive 1-1-3 Zone Defense

Terri Mitchell: The Aggressive 1-1-3 Zone Defense
Terri Mitchell: The Aggressive 1-1-3 Zone Defense
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with Terri Mitchell,
Associate Head Coach, University of Pittsburgh;
former Marquette University Women's Basketball Head Coach

In this best-selling instructional video, Coach Mitchell introduces you to the innovative 1-1-3 Zone Defense, the same zone defense Mitchell used in leading her teams to numerous post-season appearances. Mitchell begins by giving each defensive player an assignment and demonstrates the defensive responsibilities that allow the zone to run effectively. She highlights the importance of protecting the paint and defending the corner. Mitchell takes you through the keys to this zone: ball pressure, movement, rotation and anticipation. In addition to the outstanding drills such as 5-1-4 Set, String Concept, 2-1-2 Set and Rover & Ball Hawk Communication, Mitchell outlines five highly potent trapping tactics and techniques. This video is perfect for any team because it is easy to install, has basic and simple principles, allows for a defender to be in the face of the offensive player at all times, prevents easy baskets from baseline outs-of-bounds situations and will break up a team's offensive rhythm. The belief you have in your team will help them to win and this video will help you and your team gain confidence in their abilities to compete.

71 minutes. 2006.

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