Techniques & Drills for Creating Championship Offensive Linemen

Techniques & Drills for Creating Championship Offensive Linemen
Techniques & Drills for Creating Championship Offensive Linemen
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Product Description

  • Establish easy-to-understand coaching cue words to create championship-caliber offensive linemen
  • Perfect departure angles to ensure your linemen are in prime position to make a solid block
  • Change the attitude and confidence of your offensive line
  • Understand how different blocking schemes eventually turn into a drive block and how this concept creates simplicity for your linemen
with Dan Roushar,
Michigan State Offensive Coordinator

Dan Rousher has developed a video that details the fundamentals of offensive line play. These techniques have helped Michigan State to dramatically revive its offensive rushing output.

You will gain a competitive edge when teaching these techniques to your players and develop a sound and consistent offensive line.

Roushar establishes a strong fundamental base and teaching progression for the drive block. He then demonstrates how all other run block schemes eventually turn into a drive block. Your lineman will become better drive, reach, and down blockers and learn to master the execution of a full block from start to finish.

Roushar uses high quality practice video to teach you his drill progression sequence. Aerial and field-level camera angles clearly illustrate proper techniques.

Roushar's consistent coaching points for various blocks allow for simplicity, which is the key to developing championship linemen. He focuses on footwork, pad level, hand placement and much more in developing dominate run blockers. His sequence of drills includes:

  • Fit-Drive
  • Fit-Drive-Separate
  • Chutes
  • Drive Block
  • Block Back
  • Fitted Deuce and Trey
  • Deuce
  • Ace Block
  • Power Slip
  • Reach and Zone Concepts
  • Full Zone
  • Down Block
  • Tight Cut
  • String Drill
This DVD also includes game footage to demonstrate how these techniques are put into use in a game.

This DVD is valuable for coaching all levels of football and will allow your offensive lineman to develop sound and efficient skills.

76 minutes. 2011.

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