Techniques & Drills for Championship Football

Techniques & Drills for Championship Football
Techniques & Drills for Championship Football
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Product Description

  • Learn crucial areas of focus that will educate, improve and expand the play of quarterbacks at all levels, including mental makeup, proper grip and mechanics, decision making and preparation
  • Learn how to create hard-nosed running backs that are physical and give great effort
  • Includes catching, blocking and route running to develop athletes mentally and physically
  • Add a flexible weapon to your offense with a skilled tight end
  • Establish easy-to-understand coaching cue words to create championship-caliber offensive linemen
  • Train your D-line to stop the run or the pass
  • Learn key reads and run fits, a block defeat progression, blitz technique, tackling and much more
  • Increase reaction time and foot speed
with Dave Warner,
Michigan State University Quarterbacks Coach, 2010 Big Ten Co-Champions

Coach Warner uses practice and game film to teach fundamentals and to show his techniques in action, making it apparent how they transfer from the practice field to real game situations.

Under Warner's tutelage, Michigan State has recently boasted the no. 1 ranking in passing efficiency in the Big Ten Conference, along with the no. 2 ranking in overall passing attack. Through his on-field drills, coaches will learn ways to:Develop characteristics such as leadership, toughness, poise, and confidence, which are essential to strong quarterback playTeach proper grip and throwing mechanicsUse a series of how-tos to improve decision making skills, both pre-snap and during play

Using an array of distractions that simulate the fast pace of real game action, Warner demonstrates drills that work not just a quarterback's body, but also his mind. Making playing under pressure no sweat. Drills focus on:

  • Developing footwork
  • Escaping the pocket
  • Handling pocket pressure
  • Developing upper and lower body mechanics
To have a successful offense, you must have a successful and efficient quarterback. Whether practice or game, pre-snap or in-play, on-field or off, Coach Warner's tips and techniques develop the physical and mental skills vital for quarterbacks of all skill levels to thrive.

64 minutes. 2011.

with Brad Salem,
Michigan State Univeristy Running Backs Coach

Brad Salem delivers a comprehensive overview of the running back position, which he follows with a full slate of unique drills to maximize the performance of these athletes.

A former head coach at Augustana College where he took his teams to back-to-back bowl games, Salem shows you how to develop aggressive, physical, hard-playing running backs.

Learn how to create quickness with a series of drills that challenge and train players to use moves that will help them evade defenders. Discover how to minimize turnovers by establishing ball security.

Using video clips from practice, Coach Salem teaches the importance of assignment, execution and finishing forward on every play. By understanding the entire play and all of the concepts within it, Coach Salem believes that running backs will play faster and more efficiently. All-important concepts like knowing the proper first step, aiming point and how to read your blockers are taught on all running schemes.

Drills to develop these skills are broken down into:

  • Ball security drills
  • Bag drills
  • Cone drills
  • Line drills
As an added bonus, Coach Salem shares video clips to illustrate the power, counter, flip, inside zone and outside zone and the running back responsibilities associated with them.

This DVD is an excellent choice for coaches and players of any level. Order now and develop dynamic foot action, explosive jump cuts and powerful blocking skills!

79 minutes. 2011.

with Terrence Samuel,
Michigan State University Wide Receivers Coach

Thirteen-year coaching veteran and a former stand-out wide receiver at Purdue University, Terrence Samuel gives his insights on developing young athletes into championship-level wide receivers. Using both practice film and game footage, Coach Samuel, Michigan State University's wide receiver coach, shares the tools that can help receivers at all skill levels—beginning to advanced—improve their play.

Coach Samuel's powerhouse presentation shows you how to develop your receivers' "football IQ" by mastering separation skills and leverage position, extending the catch point, reading the corner, and applying the half-man rule.

Improve players' catch technique with a detailed analysis of the six types of catches and the best time to use each one. T

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