Techniques and Tactics from the Neutral Position & Optimal Nutrition and Safe Weight-Cutting Practices for Wrestlers

Techniques and Tactics from the Neutral Position & Optimal Nutrition and Safe Weight-Cutting Practices for Wrestlers
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A two-part video that covers a variety of techniques and strategies to get an edge on your competition!

  • Learn to clear collar ties effectively and transition into offensive tie-ups, enabling you to successfully attack
  • Surprise your opponent with a modified 2-on-1 to easily get to a high crotch or snatch single leg
  • Educate yourself on how to safely make weight without starving yourself or using dangerous dehydration practices that will hinder your performance

with Matt Meuleners,
Brown University Assistant Coach;
former University of Nebraska Assistant Coach;
Back-to-Back NCAA D-II National Champion and 4x All-American at Northern State University

and Lindsey Remmers,
Director of Performance Nutrition at the University of Nebraska; works specifically with the University of Nebraska wrestling team

Matt Meuleners shows you the tricks and techniques he used to win two NCAA D-II titles. He demonstrates multiple attacks - focusing heavily on the high crotch and single leg - from multiple tie-ups and positions. Although the technique is designed for heavyweights, it is applicable to athletes of all sizes. His skill set is universal and he's masterful at teaching the little details that make it so effective for everyone.

Lindsey Remmers has been working specifically with the Nebraska wrestling team. Therefore, she understands the constant need of wrestlers to maintain their weight and the rigors and demands of the sport. She presents a deeper understanding of the importance of correct eating habits and strategies to ensure your wrestlers are able to always make weight in a safe and effective manner - without draining them and optimizing their peak performance.

On the Mat: Shot setups from ties, defense and short-offense

Coach Meuleners learned to use his size and skill to defeat some of the toughest wrestlers in the nation. He breaks down his best techniques for positions that heavyweights notoriously use to slow matches down.

Collar Ties

Learn how to get an inside tie when your opponent collar ties you, and how to adjust your stance so your posture doesn't get broken down. From the inside tie, you will learn a couple of offensive options depending on the reactions of your opponent.

From offensive collar ties, you will see how to get to a single leg when your opponent tries to get an inside tie, and how to get to a high crotch after switching to another collar tie with your opposite hand.

Modified 2-on-1

The modified 2-on-1 resembles a reverse arm drag in regard to hand position. This tie is great because as you circle into it, you have an excellent chance of getting deep into a high crotch, which is low risk and requires minimal effort; or, if your opponent squares up as you are circling in, he presents you with the opportunity to get a snatch single.


The number one move for a heavyweight from an underhook should be the snatch single on the same side. Meuleners goes into detail on how to get to the snatch single and finish it. If your opponent has head position, he shows how to easily snap the opponent down and get to a front head lock.

As a smaller heavyweight, Meuleners became well-versed on how to clear underhooks and turn them to his advantage. He demonstrates three easy and simple ways to clear and get out of the underhook.

Leg Attack Defense and Counter Offense

Meuleners will explain why the common reaction of pulling your leg back while trying to defend either of them is incorrect. After successfully defending the leg attack, Meuleners combines this with a section on short offense. He demonstrates ways to score when:

  • Your opponent starts standing.
  • Your opponent grabs the elbow you are using to hold the front head lock.
  • Your opponent starts quad podding.

Lecture: Nutrition for Wrestling

Lindsey Remmers dispels outdated, dangerous methods of weight-cutting and sheds new light on how to make weight in a safe manner that optimizes performance and eliminates the feeling of hunger, which plagues most wrestlers when it comes time to make weight.

Remmers illustrates the importance of eating proper meals throughout the day, and how this optimizes an athlete's muscle mass, reduces the level of body fat, and prevents the temptation to binge eat. Explanat

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