Technique and Drills for the Multiple 3-4 Defense 4-Pack

Technique and Drills for the Multiple 3-4 Defense 4-Pack
Technique and Drills for the Multiple 3-4 Defense 4-Pack
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Product Description

  • Use athletic ability instead of size to dominate the line of scrimmage
  • Develop tough, sound and fast linebacker play
  • Learn 10 drills to build dominant outside linebackers
  • Maximize the talents of your cornerbacks in the Multiple 3-4 Defense
with Steve Fex, Coppell (TX) HS Assistant Coach;
Member of 2001 University of Washington coaching staff (2001 Rose Bowl Champions)

Maximize the talents of your defensive line in the Mutiple 3-4 Defense.

The defensive line is the lifeblood of any defensive unit, especially in the 3-4 Defense. Steve Fex clearly describes, in detail, the specific techniques and drills required to develop a dominant defensive line. His use of PowerPoint, practice demonstrations, and game film will give you clear understanding of what is needed in coaching the defensive front.

Coach Fex clearly outlines how to create an active and athletic defensive lineman. He includes everything from lineman characteristics, alignment, stance to base techniques, pass rush and more.

He begins by explaining what it takes to play defensive line. From there he describes the alignments and stance that are necessary to be successful. Using on-field drills and game film, he describes the proper techniques of blow delivery, getting off blocks, splitting the double team and the pass rush.

Defensive Line Technique and Drills for the Multiple 3-4 Defense is a great compliment to Coach Steve Fex's other DVD's on the Multiple 3-4 Defense.

53 minutes. 2011.

with Kirk McBride,
Coppel (TX) High School Assistant Coach/Linebackers

Kirk McBride provides an in-depth study of how to teach linebacker play within the 3-4 defensive scheme.

Using whiteboard diagrams and on the field demonstration, Coach McBride gives you eight drills you can incorporate into your daily practice routine that will teach your linebackers to get to the football quickly and consistently.

The first set of drills show proper power angles and stance and start techniques that demonstrate the importance of a balanced linebacker. The next four drills teach linebackers how to read four different types of flow, establish mesh, and how to work inside out when approaching the ball carrier with leverage.

McBride includes Scrape and Flow drills to teach your linebackers how to gain leverage and attack the flow of a offense, which even includes a variation for taking on cut blocks. McBride takes an extra step to help you see the results of these drills and techniques on the playing field through actual game footage.

Tough, sound, and fast linebacker play is essential in the 3-4 defense and with these techniques your players will learn to take the drill to the field in the same fashion presented in this video.

Inside Linebacker Technique and Drills for the Multiple 3-4 Defense is a great compliment to Coach Fex's other DVD's on the Multiple 3-4 Defense. It is also a great stand alone DVD for any coach in any defensive system.

86 minutes. 2011.

with Mike DeWitt,
Coppell (TX) High School Defensive Coordinator / OLB Coach

Outside Linebackers are a combination of a safety's speed, defensive lineman's size, and a middle linebacker's attack mentality.

In this detailed instructional football DVD, Coppell High School's Outside Linebackers Coach Mike DeWitt, presents essential techniques and 10 key drills to help create a high caliber outside linebacker.

Coach Dewitt's drills will show you:

  • How to attack a blocker to better gain outside leverage to defend the outside and reduce the C gap seam.
  • How to shed the trap block and still be in position to make the tackle in the backfield on a bouncing RB.
  • How to look through offensive lineman to back read and maintain position for cut back while not creating a running seam for the RB.
  • How to fight a crack back block and maintain outside leverage to defend the outside run.
  • How to redirect a receiver moving though your box and zone to make it tougher on the QBs timing.
Outside Lineback Technique and Drills for the Multiple 3-4 Defense is a

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