Technical Skills for Soccer: Shooting, Finishing, Crossing, and Heading

Technical Skills for Soccer: Shooting, Finishing, Crossing, and Heading
Technical Skills for Soccer: Shooting, Finishing, Crossing, and Heading
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  • Learn how to teach players the key fundamental and mechanical aspects of shooting from a distance and finishing close to the goal
  • Learn how to emphasize and isolate specific components of defensive and attacking heading
  • Learn how to teach the mechanics of crossing and serving the ball to be able to attack from wide positions
  • Learn how to analyze player techniques in practice and how to use video to provide feedback
with Corbin Stone, Pleasant Valley (IA) High School Head Boys Soccer Coach;
former Drake University Head Women's Soccer Coach;
3x Missouri Valley Conference Women's Soccer Coach of the Year, 4x Missouri Valley Conference Champions; Iowa Youth Soccer Association Coach of the Year (1999)

Using a blend of practice footage and video analysis, Corbin Stone breaks down the specific physical mechanics of shooting, crossing, and heading (both offensive and defensive). His instruction gives clear, effective tools and coaching points for developing your team's finishing in the offensive third and heading all over the field.

Coach Stone begins with practice footage of his youth team. Then, moving on to an analysis of practice footage of older players that highlight the techniques being emphasized, the presentation provides detailed instruction on the technical components in three areas:

Players who cannot shoot or finish cannot score goals. Coach Stone breaks down the key mechanical components of shooting for accuracy and from a distance. He emphasizes several key coaching points for developing strong, accurate player shots including knee position, "plant-foot" location, "foot strike" surface and position on landing.

Serving the ball from wide positions is a difficult but important skill if teams want to attack with width. Coach Stone provides clear, detailed technical instruction on how to deliver a variety of crosses into the penalty area and across the goal. Highlighting the importance of body position and attacking the end line, Coach Stone and his players demonstrate both "do's" and "don'ts" for services into the area.

Players who do not know how to head the ball properly risk injury. Coach Stone gives detailed instruction on correct body positioning and target surfaces for defensive and offensive heading. You'll get key facets of body and foot positioning to deliver effective headers in both offensive and defensive situations.

Coach Stone's instruction will help you and your players target specific mechanical components of your finishing and heading to improve your play all over the field.

47 minutes. 2015.

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