Team Tempo Drills for Lacrosse Practice

Team Tempo Drills for Lacrosse Practice
Team Tempo Drills for Lacrosse Practice
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Product Description

  • Take your team to the next level with these high intensity drills aimed at more experienced players
  • Train your players to perform better in games by challenging them to a higher standard in practice
  • Replicate the 'chaos' of game situations in practice to improve skills and communication
  • These drills involve a lot of players, a lot of concepts, a lot of movement and a lot of chaos!
with Randall Goldsborough, Bucknell University Head Women's Lacrosse Coach;
former assistant coach at Stanford, Maryland and North Carolina, member of the back-to-back National Championship Teams at Maryland (1995-96); member of the US National Team (1994-2006) including the 2001 US World Cup Championship Team

Former US National Team member and World Cup gold medalist Randall Goldsborough has created an exciting and fast-paced series of drills. These drills will challenge your players to apply the fundamental skills they already know to comprehensive, advanced small game exercises. In this DVD, Coach Goldsborough demonstrates exciting and progressive ways to teach:

  • Progressive Shuttle and Line Drills
  • Midfield Passing and Catching
  • Ground Balls
  • Transition and Clearing
  • Fast Breaks
This DVD is not intended to teach fundamental lacrosse skills. The fundamental skills that you have already taught your players are expanded upon and expressed on a larger scale. The tactics shown differ from traditional drills in that they utilize more players, game speed concepts and strategic, individual thinking. Additionally, Coach Goldsborough has infused a higher standard of conditioning to help players gain the advantage of endurance over their opponents.

Each drill is first explained on a white board and then demonstrated on the field by Coach Goldsborough's players. All of the drills shown utilize multiple concepts and continuous motion. The scope of these drills goes beyond two or three steps resulting in an expected outcome. Instead, certain guidelines are proposed that allow the players to react to ever-changing circumstances resulting from the reaction of the other participants. The outcome of each drill is determined by the decisions each player makes. The structure of the drills not only encourages, but ensures that the players are making decisions that will advance them through the drill.

Players are not just going through the motions of a drill, they are making game-speed decisions in an effort to be successful and satisfy their competitive spirit.

Coach Goldsborough exercises incorporate "team tempo drills." An example of her innovation is the Circle Drill. This drill transforms line and shuttle drills from the typical two players, single concept activity to an exercise that engages the entire team in multiple concepts. The Circle Drill efficiently challenges player's physically while additionally encouraging them to think outside of the box. The format of the circle drill, as well as many of the other drills shown, is flexible enough to allow coaches to customize the components and concepts to best fit their team needs.

With multiple players and concepts added to a lot of movement Coach Goldsborough is able to replicate the 'chaos' of game situations, ensuring that each drill is directly beneficial come game-time.

Many of the drills Coach Goldsborough demonstrates introduce concepts and strategies that are easily applicable to any team's game plan. For example, in explaining the 8-Meter Clearing Drill, Ground Ball Outlet and USA Fast Break drills, advanced strategies are revealed that can be directly applicable to any team's strategy.

Designed for varsity high school teams and above, these these drills are better suited for experienced players. More importantly, by implementing the concepts shown such as clearing the ball, transition play and fast breaks, you will be able to create players who perform better in games simply because they have been challenged to a higher standard in practice.

102 minutes. 2013.

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